How to Touch Up Your Stained Fiberglass Front Door

Oct 20, 2022

Love your Clopay stained fiberglass front door, but everyday use has caused a few minor nicks or scratches? Touching up your door is easy!

Stained Fiberglass Front Door

A small bottle of touch-up stain is provided with every Clopay entry door upon purchase…but if you no longer have it, simply contact your dealer to order more.

To apply touch-up, grab some gloves to avoid staining your skin and let’s get started.

How to Touch Up Front Door

Shake the bottle well before application.

Apply a minimal amount of stain to the scratch or nick with a fine brush. Light layers yield better results than heavy application.

Feather the edges into the existing finish.

Minimize overlap with surrounding finish surfaces.

Let dry. When it’s done, take a step back and admire your work!



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