Garage Doors

functional and fashionable

Insulated carriage house garage doors with faux wood overlays.
Insulated carriage house garage doors with faux wood and Ultra-Grain® steel.
Insulated modern style garage doors with faux wood overlays.
Authentic looking insulated steel and composite carriage house garage doors.
Steel and composite carriage house garage doors with or without insulation.
Grooved panel steel carriage house garage doors with or without insulation.
Classic short or long panel steel garage doors with or without insulation.
Subtle modern beauty, simple up-keep.
Contemporary glass and aluminum garage doors.
You dream it, we build it!
Handcrafted insulated wood carriage house designs with exceptional beauty, energy efficiency, and strength.
Handcrafted insulated modern style garage doors made in the beauty of natural wood.
Authentic carriage house designs handcrafted in the beauty of natural wood.
Classic raised, recessed and flush panel designs handcrafted in the beauty of natural wood.


Transform your home’s exterior and dramatically enhance its curb appeal with Clopay®. Rarely will you find this combination of function and fashion when searching for a residential garage door. Whether your vision calls for authentic carriage house, contemporary, or traditional styles, Clopay® carries a garage door that will help you execute your vision for your home’s exterior.


Buying a custom residential garage door isn’t as difficult or expensive as you might think. Clopay® offers a variety of options for single-car, two-car, or custom garages that allow you to personalize your selection and create a unique new look for the front of your home. Our doors include features like deep embossed panels, coped edges and designer hardware.

Choose from a variety of different colors, stains and finishes. Unleash natural light by adding windows, most of which can be removed for easy cleaning. Select a new front entry door to complement your new garage door, fully overhauling and improving your home’s curb appeal. For inspiration, use our Door Imagination System to Upload a photo of your house and try out different combinations before selecting the perfect door.


The garage door is the largest opening in your home, which is why we place such an emphasis on energy efficiency. Clopay® offers two different types of garage door insulation: Intellicore® polyurethane and polystyrene.

We also offer a range of insulated glass that maintains energy efficiency while allowing natural light into your garage. This means that a Clopay® residential garage door can help lower your heating and cooling costs while also improving the comfort of your home. You can customize the level of insulation based on your climate and needs.


Manufactured in the United States, Clopay® residential garage doors are backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal. These garage doors are engineered and constructed for durability and low maintenance. Each one features patented Safe-T-Brackets, as well as sturdy tracks, rollers and hinges. You’ll get years of enjoyment out of your garage door, due to long-lasting hardware and strong, durable springs.

Your Clopay® residential garage doors include tough layered coatings that help prevent rust. A new garage door is no small purchase, and we strive to create a purchase experience that allows you to get exactly what you've always imagined, while also ensuring that you enjoy your new garage door for many years to come.


Most homeowners buy a garage door once in their life, leaving them with questions when the time comes for replacement. Should I choose a natural wood garage door, or go with the convenience of faux wood? Should I consider wind load when choosing a door? Get the answers to these questions and information on everything from remote garage door openers to maintenance and installation safety in our convenient buying guide.


Clopay® works with a nationwide network of Master and Authorized dealers. These dealers are experts in residential garage door repair, service, and installation, and they’ll work with you to customize a design that perfectly meets your needs. Clopay® also offers a 1-year installation warranty on replacement garage doors installed by Master Authorized and Authorized dealers.

Rejuvenating your home can be easy when you start with new Clopay® garage doors. Find a local dealer to get started today. Where To Buy


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