Color Blast® Garage Door Paint System

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Clopay's traditional garage doors are manufactured in either steel or natural wood. Customize your garage door by selecting from a variety of panel styles available in long or short designs, a unique assortment of decorative window designs and up to eight factory-finished paint colors. Stain-grade wood is also an option.

Color Blast® is available on all steel, overlay and aluminum residential and commercial sectional doors.

The resilient finish has been tested and is backed by a five-year warranty.

The two-part paint system meets American Architectural Manufacturing Association 2604 standards.

Solar reflective paint technology may be required on some products to allow darker colors to be used. Solar reflective technology results in lower surface temperatures compared with standard paints.

Not all colors are available when using solar reflective paint. Bright colors such as reds, blues, and greens may not be available.

Color Blast iso modern steelColor Blast Iso modern flush custom short

The Color Blast® program allows you to complement your home or building's current color scheme by choosing from an array of Sherwin-Williams® color options. This two-part polyurethane based paint is specially formulated for excellent adhesion and stability providing a high quality, durable, and professional finish for your door.

The Sherwin-Williams® two-part, polyurethane based paint utilized in Clopay's Color Blast® paint system is chemically formulated to better perform with Clopay's garage door products of varying materials. It is an industrial product, designed for improved adhesion and stability on steel, aluminum, vinyl and plastics. This paint is intended for application by professional painters and is not available to the general public at local Sherwin-Williams® retailers.

In addition to the professional quality of the paint, the application is also performed by professional painters in a controlled environment. You will receive a high quality, durable finish that is backed by a 5-year warranty.

The exterior surface of the door will be painted and the interior surface of the door will remain white (or the standard color). There is an option to paint the interior surface of the door at an additional cost. Aluminum Full-Vision doors and Full-Vision door sections must be painted on both sides and will incur additional cost.

  • Residential Door Windows: Window frames will be painted and incur an additional cost. There is an option to paint inserts and stop mold at an additional cost.
  • Commercial Door Windows: Only models 3158, 3159, 3208, 3209, 3728, 3729, 3708, 3709 will have painted window frames. All other commercial window frames CANNOT be painted and will come standard in black (white is available by request).

Color Blast is available on all sectional steel, overlay, and aluminum residential and commercial door models with the exception of commercial models 522 and 522S. This program cannot be used for wood doors or commercial pass doors and breakaway bottom sections.

Color Blast is available in most of the over 1,500 colors in the current Sherwin-Williams's current color palette. Visit one of their 4,000+ retail locations throughout the United States and Canada or visit to view their color palette.

We strongly recommend that you do not rely on computer images when making a final decision on color. It is best to visit the local store and request the chip of the color you would like to use.

Some brighter colors such as reds, blues, and greens may not be available on certain door types (specifically Coachman®). For more information, please see the following section “What type of paint is used?”.

We can also use many of the paint codes for other manufacturers such as PPG/Porter, Valspar, Behr, or RAL CURRENT palette paint colors found in their national fan-fold or on their website. For more information contact your dealer or Clopay Customer Service.

Once you choose your color, provide your dealer with the paint manufacturer name, color code, and name of the color. Example: Sherwin Williams SW 7650 Ellie Gray

Note: Color codes not found on the website or in the stores (discontinued/regional colors) will be treated as a custom color. This means a sample must be sent in to see if the color can be made. See section “Can you custom match any color?”.

Color Blast® uses Sherwin Williams® Polane paint, a two-part polyurethane-based commercial paint specially formulated for excellent adhesion and stability providing a high quality, durable, and professional finish.

There are two formula versions of Sherwin-Williams paint used in this program:

  1. Solar Reflective Polane Polyurethane Enamel — This is a solar reflective formulation that contains a special additive that helps reflect solar rays and lower heat gain. (See “What is Solar Reflective Paint?”)
  2. We will always provide the solar reflective paint for this program to help keep the door surface cool, if available in the color chosen. This is especially important for colors with a low LRV (See “What is LRV?”) For some select colors, solar reflective paint is not available because special additives can alter the color.

Note: For Coachman models, any paint colors under LRV 38 are required to be made in solar reflective paint. If the color is not available, the customer must choose a new color or a different door model.

LRV is an acronym for Light Reflectance Value. Simply put, LRV means the amount of light a paint color reflects. Colors with lower values will absorb more light where those with higher values reflect more light. The LRV of a color is expressed as a value from 0 (darkest) to 100 (lightest). Darker colors absorb more heat and lighter colors reflect more heat. This is why the surface of a black car feels hotter than the surface of a white car.

gradient LRV

You can find LRV (See "What is LRV?") information on the paper color chips or via the paint manufacturer's website. In some cases, you may need to contact the manufacturer to request the information.

For a Sherwin-Williams color, you can find the LRV on the back of the color chip, under the details tab of the colors homepage of the Sherwin-Williams website:, or by contacting your local retail store.

Solar reflective paint is a type of paint that uses special additives or color formulations to help reflect solar rays and lower heat gain. This is recommended for dark colors or if the door is in direct sunlight or high heat / UV environment because it helps keep the door cooler.

In addition to the large array of Sherwin Williams colors available, we can custom match most solid paint colors. There may be times when a color match is not possible and we will notify you to choose another color. This typically occurs when solar reflective paint is required (such as on the Coachman Collection) and bright colors such as reds, blues, or greens are desired. For a custom color match we will need a sample of the color you wish to have sent in. Your dealer can assist you in sending in the sample. (Also see “How do I make a color sample to send in?”)

Please allow additional time for your project when considering a custom color as the process to match the color will take additional time.

The Color Blast program is intended for solid colors only. While we can custom match most solid colors, we are unable to match wood grain or stains.

You will need to provide 3 samples of the paint you wish to match. You will receive a sample of the color match for the paint that will go on your door.

If you do not currently have it, you will need to purchase a container of the paint you wish to use. Samples can be made using the sealed sample cards provided by your local paint store and can typically be made by the store upon request. Sample size must be at least 3 inches x 5 inches.

Write the color name, color code of the paint, and customer name or identifying information on the back of your samples.

  • Be sure samples are dry and flat prior to shipping. Do not fold the sample card or send in wet samples.
  • Colors to be matched must be a solid color; we cannot match wood grain or stain colors.
  • Do not send in samples of material such as metal or cement board. Metallic paint or paint with metal flakes can usually be matched but will not include the metal flake in the paint used for the door.

Important: DO NOT send in samples painted on wood or other materials. This may distort the color or prevent it from being matched properly.

LRV samplepaint sample

For custom color matches, we will send steel color chips of the exact color that will be applied to your door. A sample request fee applies for each custom color requested.

For standard Sherwin-Williams colors with 4-digit codes, there will only be samples sent upon request. We strongly recommend that you request a sample as the actual color may vary slightly from the color card found in the store. A sample request fee applies for each custom color requested.

Doors painted in the Color Blast program will have an extended lead time due to the painting process and color approval process if applicable.

  • Color Code Paint Colors: Additional lead time of approximately 3-4 weeks is added to normal lead time.
  • Custom Color Match Colors: Additional lead time of 3-4 weeks is added to the door order, NOT INCLUDING time for color approval.
  • Color approval: This takes approximately 2-3 weeks including time for shipment to and from the paint supplier plus an additional 5 business days for the color matching process. This timeframe could be extended if there are any changes to the original color chosen for the door.

We recommend Sherwin Williams Resilience paint in quart containers for touch up or complementing trim paint. This can be found in most Sherwin-Williams retail stores throughout the United States and Canada. For color code paint colors, the color code can be referenced at your local retail store, however the color made in the store may not be an exact match. In addition, the gloss level of the Resilience paint may differ slightly from the original Polane paint supplied on the door.

For best results, use the color chip provided with each door order (or color sample) and have the paint store read/scan the color chip for a match. This will provide the closest match to the color actually being applied to the door.

Please note colors that have been exposed to the elements for extended periods may have weathered and may no longer match.

Replacement sections are available in most cases. Please note colors that have been exposed to the elements for extended periods of time may have weather and replacement sections may not be an exact match to the original door color.

Please contact your local Clopay Dealer for pricing based on your door model and options. For color samples, there is a separate set up fee for each color. Additional fees are required to paint the inside of the door as well as for doors with windows and window inserts.

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