Windcode® Wind Rated Residential Garage and Commercial Sectional Doors

What is WindCode?

WindCode is Clopay’s rating system for garage doors designed to withstand the high wind speeds of a hurricane, tropical storm or other strong-wind weather event. Clopay gives certain commercial and residential garage door models a WindCode ranking (W1-W9) based on building code requirements, structure exposure and roof height.

How Do Windcode Doors Provide Greater Wind Resistance?

Clopay’s WindCode garage doors are Storm Ready,™ which means the necessary reinforcement is already built into the structure of the door. In the event of high winds, just lock the door in order to secure it from Mother Nature.

The alternative is a reinforced garage door that requires someone to physically install the appropriate posts, braces and hardware before a storm hits, and then remove them afterward. This takes time and planning, and if a single piece of hardware is missing, the door won’t be as structurally sound as one in which the reinforcement is contained within the door.

Garage doors play a critical role in protecting your home, especially if you live in a hurricane prone or high wind regions like Florida, New Jersey, Connecticut, Texas, Louisiana and North and South Carolina. If you do not have a tested, wind-rated door, high winds can force it out of the opening, causing an uncontrolled buildup of internal pressure and ultimately a blowout of your home's roof and supporting walls.

Clopay offers wind-reinforced garage doors that meet or exceed building code requirements, and has developed a WindCode program to help you easily choose a door that meets your needs.

Building code officials, builders, insurance companies and building owners are increasingly aware of the need for structures to withstand high winds resulting from hurricanes, tropical storms and other weather-related events.

With the enforcement of the International Building Code in most areas of the U.S., wind load is no longer an issue exclusive to Florida and other hurricane prone areas.

Clopay® has developed a unique WindCode® ID program to help you select the right commercial door. It includes factors like local building code, MPH requirements, exposure level and mean roof height.

Commercial Door

In a nutshell, geography and building type/size (residential or commercial) determine the WindCode rating. To calculate a rating, Clopay considers factors such as: building width and length, wind speed, roof height and angle, size of the garage door opening, local regulatory agency requirements and the surrounding environment (urban, wooded, shoreline, flat open ground, etc.).

Clopay’s WindCode® garage doors are made to meet or exceed building code requirements in high-wind areas. Available for both residential and commercial use, WindCode garage door options include a variety of styles, colors and impact-resistant window designs.

To determine the WindCode rating necessary for your home or commercial facility, check out our online calculator. Just enter a few details regarding your building and region to get an idea of what WindCode products are suitable for your area.

Due to the complexity of installing WindCode garage doors, meeting codes and pulling permits, we highly recommend professional installation.

Residential WindCode Calculator

Commercial WindCode Calculator

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