Garage Door Buying Guide

Whether you’re a new homeowner or are refreshing the look of your existing home, buying a garage door is an exciting opportunity for you to breathe new life into your home’s exterior. Many homeowners replace their garage door once in their lifetime, so finding the perfect mix of function, fashion, and affordability is an important part of the process.

To help you make the decision best for your home, our buying guide offers a collection of garage door information below, including overviews of garage door styles, materials, insulation, brochures, garage door comparisons and more. We also offer information on how to measure and install your garage door when you’re ready to make the switch.

When you’ve found a garage door you’ll love on your home and want to know where you can buy a Clopay door, our Where To Buy section can help you find a local dealer or Home Depot near you. 

How to Buy A Garage Door - Step-By-Step

What Size Garage Door Do I Need?

When it comes to buying a garage door, the first thing to consider is the size of your door.  For many homes, a single-car garage door is 8 to 9 feet wide and 7 to 8 feet high.  Double-car garage doors are typically 16 feet wide, with a height of 7 to 8 feet.  If your garage is built to accommodate a taller vehicle, such as a heavy-duty truck or recreational vehicle, your garage door could be 10 feet tall or more.

If your garage door is a non-standard size, don't worry! Clopay offers garage doors in a variety of sizes, and we also offer garage door collections that accommodate custom sizing.

What Is My Garage Door Budget?

Budget is important for many homeowners considering a new garage door.  The cost of a garage door depends on a variety of factors, including material, insulation, style, hardware, number of doors and sizes, and more.  When choosing a budget, most homeowners primarily consider the importance of the door’s aesthetic appeal, whether the door needs to be insulated, and how durable the door should be.

Homeowners who seek the least expensive garage door available may be able to find a single-car non-insulated garage door for their home in the range of $300 without installation..  These doors are a nice choice when style or quiet operation are not a critical factor, the average temperature is moderate, and the door will be lightly used.

For homeowners who want to increase their curb appeal, attractive carriage house, modern, or classic raised-panel garage doors are a popular choice.  These garage doors can range in price from under $1,000 for a single-car garage door to $4,000 and beyond for fully custom double-car garage doors.  These doors typically have better energy efficiency, durable and quieter operation, , and increased curb appeal that can increase the resale value of your home.

What Style Garage Door Should I Choose?

More than any other feature of your garage door, the choice of style should be based on your personal preference and home style.  While some architectural styles tend to pair well with a specific garage door style -- like modern architecture with full-viewdoors, or Victorian architecture with carriage-house doors -- the choice is ultimately yours.

View our overviews of traditional raised-panel, carriage-house, and contemporary garage doors, then try a garage door on your home using our Door Imagination System™.

What Material Should I Choose for My Garage Door?

The material you choose for your garage door can be based on a combination of style preferences, maintenance considerations, and durability.  Steel garage doors can be a great choice for durability, and our Ultra-Grain finish can provide the beautiful appearance of wood without the upkeep of natural wood.

When a natural look is the most important factor, nothing beats the classic look of a wood garage door.  Clopay offers wood doors in a variety of species from Redwood to Luan with styles ranging from raised-panel to modern.  If you are seeking a one-of-a-kind curb appeal, choose a fully custom handcrafted garage door that is sure to add your personality to your home's exterior.

When clean lines and natural light is needed, aluminum and glass can be an excellent choice.  Our full-view style doors can modernize your home while also helping to bring the outside in by providing plentiful sunlight -- all while giving you just the right degree of privacy with a variety of glass obscurity options.

Should I Choose an Insulated Garage Door?

Energy costs are a consideration for every homeowner’s budget, yet many homeowners overlook the impact that an insulated garage door can have on both energy costs and comfort..  With the garage being the largest entry to most homes, it is one of the most susceptible to heat loss, which makes it a good opportunity to increase energy efficiency

Clopay's Intellicore insulation expands to fill the entire garage door, providing industry-leading R-values (up to 20.4) for consistent comfort in adjacent rooms next to and above the garage.  Looking for more information on Intellicore? View our Intellicore page or review the results of a consumer review of a new insulated Clopay garage door.

Where Should I Buy My Garage Door?

Clopay garage doors are available through our network of independent Clopay garage door dealers, as well as your local Home Depot store.  Find locations near you using our Where to Buy locator.

Should I Install My Garage Door or Hire A Professional?

While some homeowners opt to install their garage doors on their own, many find it a convenient and worthwhile investment to hire a professional to handle installation.  In most cases, professional garage door dealers can install your door in a significantly shorter amount of time than DIY installation, helping to ensure minimal disruption to your daily routine. 

In addition, when you choose a Clopay Master Authorized or Authorized Dealer to replace your current door with a Clopay garage door, you'll receive a one-year installation warranty to give you additional peace of mind. Learn more about our installation warranty here


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