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Clopay® Intellicore® technology is a superior insulation for garage doors, offering homeowners increased benefits including enhanced strength and reduced heat transfer. By providing optimal insulation, it ensures a cozy and safe environment in your garage while reducing energy expenses. With its long-lasting durability and industry-leading R-values, it’s a reliable investment you can count on for years to come.

Polystyrene garage door insulation, typically installed on many traditional garage doors, are insulated with rigid panels of polystyrene sandwiched between steel layers or placed inside of your single-layer garage door, backed by vinyl.

However, we formulated Intellicore insulation with polyurethane to outperform doors containing polystyrene insulation. Our insulation technology is comprised of polyurethane form that we inject between the steel layers of the door. The polyurethane foam expands into the open space between the steel layers and bonds to door’s frame, insulating every inch of the garage door.

Garage doors with Intellicore technology will give you the optimal solution for your garage’s climate control, and is the best choice for homeowners that live in areas with extreme temperatures or varied seasons. No matter what you keep in your garage, you can trust that it’s safe from harsh temperatures when you install a garage door with Intellicore insulation technology.



Intellicore technology is made to provide our doors with dense and uniform insulation, as well as sound-absorbing properties.

Our Coachman all steel and insulated doors are


unbelievably efficient and whisper quiet

Happy Customer in SC, Coachman Collection

To demonstrate the difference, we conducted tests and analyzed the sound-proofing abilities of our insulation against traditional polystyrene insulated garage doors. The results were impressive. Traditional garage doors produced sounds measuring 96 decibels, while Intellicore doors produced sounds measuring 80 decibels. Keep in mind that the decibel scale is logarithmic—not linear—so Intellicore insulated doors are actually three times quieter to the human ear.


To ensure the best consumer value, our Intellicore technology also reinforces our garage doors from the inside-out. After testing the durability of our insulated garage doors, they have been found to be twice as strong as generic polystyrene insulated doors with the same measured thickness. This increased durability provides you with a greater return on investment with better resistance to everyday wear and tear.

Garage DoorTypeModelsStyleLayersThicknessR-value*
Canyon RidgeCarriage HouseAll ModelsCarriage House5 Layers2"20.4
Canyon RidgeCarriage HouseAll ModelsCarriage House4 Layers2"18.4
Canyon RidgeLouverAll ModelsPlantation Shutter5 Layers2"18.4 - 20.4
Canyon RidgeModern - PlankAll ModelsContemporary4 Layers2"20.4
Canyon RidgeModern - Metal
(Aluminum) Inlay
All ModelsContemporary4 Layers2"18.4
Canyon RidgeModern -
Full-View Design
All ModelsContemporary4 Layers2"6.3
CoachmanPremiumAll CGU ModelsCarriage House4 Layers2"18.4
Gallery SteelPremiumGD2SU, GD2LUCarriage House3 Layers2"18.4
Gallery SteelPremiumGD1SU, GD1LUCarriage House3 Layers1-3/8"12.9
Modern SteelPremium9202, 9201, 9208Modern Flush3 Layers2"18.4
Modern SteelPremium9205, 9209Modern Grooved3 Layers2"18.4
Modern SteelPremium9132, 9131, 9138Modern Flush3 Layers1-3/8"12.9
Modern SteelPremium9139Modern Grooved3 Layers1-3/8"12.9
Classic SteelPremium9200, 9203Short & Long
Elegant Panels
3 Layers2"18.4
Classic SteelPremium9130, 9133Short & Long
Elegant Panels
3 Layers1-3/8"12.9
Bridgeport SteelPremiumBD2EU, BD2NUShaker3 Layers2"18.4
Bridgeport SteelPremiumBD1NU BD1EUShaker3 Layers1-3/8"12.9


The strength of Intellicore insulation provides homeowners with additional benefits. The additional reinforcement of polyurethane insulation provides homeowners with superior home security more capable of withstanding unwanted entry attempts. Your insulated garage doors are not only shown to hold out longer against wear and weathering but will be able to provide more protection for your family, yourself, and your belongings.

With decades of experience in garage door manufacturing, we have engineered our products to provide the optimal quality, durability, and cost-efficiency. Homeowners who choose Clopay Intellicore insulated doors frequently notice a reduction in energy expenses, making it a smart investment. In addition, our insulated garage doors are built to last, providing superior durability and a lower cost-per-use, even with frequent daily usage.

Purchasing a new garage door is an exciting way to bring a fresh, new look to your property. While an updated appearance will give your home new street-cred, it also increases the value of your home. We’ve discovered through research and years of experience that homeowners who upgrade their garage doors have a more than 190% return on investment.

Intellicore insulation is available on nearly all Clopay door styles. Take a closer look at our collections that feature this insulation's impressive performance:

  • Canyon Ridge®: Many of our Canyon Ridge doors feature 2" Intellicore insulation. Enjoy various styles such as Canyon Ridge Carriage House (5-Layer), Canyon Ridge Carriage House (4-Layer), Canyon Ridge Louver, Canyon Ridge Chevron and Canyon Ridge Modern.
  • Coachman®: Another popular carriage house door option, Coachman® is available with Intellicore.
  • Gallery® Steel: The Gallery® Steel door uses a raised panel design with a grooved texture. Gallery style doors are available in 2" or 1-3/8" thick Intellicore constructions.
  • Bridgeport™ Steel: Bridgeport doors bring beauty and symmetry to your garage door with the look of traditional wood stile and rail door. You can now find Bridgeport Steel garage doors with Intellicore insulation.
  • Classic™ Steel: The Classic™ Steel door line keeps with tradition through its raised panel design options.
  • Modern Steel™: Complement your midcentury or contemporary home with a Modern Steel door. Modern Steel doors are available with Intellicore and various contemporary window options.

We are honored to be America's favorite garage door brand for more than 50 years. Intellicore insulation is a representation of our unrelenting commitment to designing and manufacturing the strongest and best performing garage door, while providing the most extensive design options on the market.

Browse our residential garage doors today, and find a dealer near you to start transforming the look, energy efficiency, comfort and security of your home.

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