Steel garage doors offer the broadest range of design, insulation and price options. Clopay manufactures a variety of styles from carriage house garage doors to classic raised panel garage doors in several factory-finished colors. You can also paint the door to match your home.

Steel doors can be insulated or non-insulated. Thick, multi-layer doors offer greater durability, dent-resistance, energy efficiency and quiet operation.


Coachman Collection
  • Constructed from insulated steel (four layers) and composite.
  • Features the overhead operation of a modern garage door, with classic swing-out appearance.
  • 12 different base design options with customizable hardware and window options. Custom sizes and designs available.
  • Four different paint colors available as factory finishes, with the ability to mix and colors on the base door and overlays.
  • Various design, hardware, window, and paint options provide a total of over 100 different possible styles to choose.
  • For high-wind environments, wind-reinforced garage doors are available. Learn more about Clopay WindCode.



Canyon Ridge Collection Limited Edition Series
  • Our Limited Edition Series construction is comprised of five layers, and the Ultra-Grain Series is constructed with four layers.
  • Insulation options include 2" Intellicore® insulation - Clopay's signature insulation technology
  • These doors feature the convenient overhead operation you expect from a 21st-century garage door, with the appearance of a swing-out garage door.
  • Design for this garage door collection includes fourteen different base designs, and accommodates options for hardware and window customization.
  • Paint colors include four factory finish options
  • For areas with high winds, reinforced WindCode doors are available in this collection. Learn More about Clopay WindCode garage doors.
  • Durable composite and steel are included in this 4-layer door, along with energy-efficient Intellicore insulation. The R-Values of this door range between 6.3 to 20.4.
  • Clean lines, rectangular windows, and metal accents bring a contemporary look and feel to this door.
  • Full-view window design options are available, along with two additional window options.
  • Aluminum inlays are available for a mixed-material look.
Gallery Collection - White
  • Construction options include two- or three-layer construction with insulation, or a 2” non-insulated steel frame.
  • Available Insulation choices include polystyrene insulation or Clopay’s Intellicore® insulation technology.
  • This door features the standard “pull-up” operation you expect from a garage door, while maintaining the elegant appearance of a swing-out door from years past.
  • Panel designs include Long- or short-grooved-panel options, and can accommodate windows (optional) and/or decorative hardware (optional).
  • Factory finish options include our Ultra-Grain finish, with the appearance of stained wood, or five paint colors from which to choose.
  • If your environment is susceptible to high winds, or you’d like the peace of mind of a reinforced garage door, consider our WindCode options available on this collection.
  • This door is available with a 3-, 2-, or 1-layer steel construction.
  • Insulation options include polystyrene or Clopay's signature Intellicore insulation technology.
  • Windows are optional for this door when natural light is desired. These windows also complement the architectural details of many modern homes.
  • Ultra-Grain® doors and standard-color flush doors have exterior steel that features a natural wood grain texture. Exterior steel on grooved standard-color doors is stucco texture.

Classic™ Collection - Premium Series

Steel + Insulation + Steel

Classic Collection
  • Constructed from three layers, including a center layer of insulation and two outer layers of steel.
  • The insulated center layer is available as polystyrene insulation or Clopay’s Intellicore® energy-efficient insulation.
  • Three different panel options available, with the option to add windows for the beauty of natural light. Our eleven factory finishes include Clopay's Ultra-Grain®, a paint that simulates the look of natural wood, with other paint colors available as well.
Classic Collection
  • Construction for the VALUE PLUS series is comprised of two layers bonded together – one steel and one insulation. Insulation is available in two thicknesses to accommodate the energy-efficiency needs of your home.
  • Optional windows are available for this series, with three total panel designs from which to choose.
  • Paint colors include five different factory finish options.
Classic Collection
  • Constructed using a single-layer frame of steel. These garage doors are not insulated.
  • Windows are optional for this garage door, with two different panel designs from which to choose.
  • Paint color options include five different factory finishes.