Clopay Windcode® Door Reinforcement For Commercial Doors

Building code officials, builders, insurance companies and building owners are increasingly aware of the need for structures to withstand high winds resulting from hurricanes, tropical storms and other weather related events.

With the introduction and adoption of the International Building Code in most areas of the U.S., wind load is no longer an issue exclusive to Florida and other hurricane prone areas.

Clopay® has developed a unique WindCode® door ID program to help you select the right garage door. It includes factors like local building code, MPH requirements, exposure level and mean roof height.

Ask your local Clopay dealer for assistance in selecting the appropriate Clopay WindCode® garage door for your area.

Calculate your projects wind load requirement in accordance with your building code using Clopay's WindCode® Door Calculator.


Protect Your Building with Clopay WindCode Doors

WindCode Door Drawings for Commercial Doors

Clopay has windload product drawings for each of its Residential and Commercial WindCode® door models.

Information about the door sections, horizontal reinforcement, door hardware (e.g. hinges), track, and pressures is included with the windload drawing.

Each drawing also includes information regarding how the jambs are to be attached to ensure that the windload pressure on the sectional doors is successfully transmitted to the building’s structure. However, a licensed architect or building engineer is responsible for designing the supporting structure to resist windloads - not the dealer, subcontractor or manufacturer.

Commercial Garage Doors

Use the drop down menu below to choose a commercial door model. All WindCode® drawings pertaining to that specific model will be listed. Click on the file name to view the drawing.

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Commercial WindCode® Calculator For Commercial Doors

WindCode® Calculator