Garage Doors for Craftsman Homes

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From their rise in popularity during the early 1900s to their continued relevance today, Craftsman homes have become a celebrated staple of American architectural style. Whether you have a classic, one-of-a-kind bungalow or a revisited take on this home style, a new garage door can be the perfect touch to pull together the lines, materials and colors of your home. In addition to complementing your home’s exterior, a new garage door can be a great opportunity to add your personal style to your home. When it comes to your personal style, there is no single “right” garage door -- it is all about what you want to come home to each day.

Clopay® doors have complemented the appearance of thousands of Craftsman-style homes over the years, so to help homeowners find their perfect door, we have collected examples of beautiful home and garage door pairings that reflect this home style.

Coachman Garage Door
Coachman® painted garage door

This home features beautiful clean lines, crisp white front porch columns, and a large attached 3-car garage. By choosing garage door paint colors that blend with the siding and trim colors, the homeowner is able to integrate their garage into their home’s front elevation, making it less apparent at first glance that the garage accounts for roughly half of the home’s lower façade.

Beyond color, the design options of these carriage house doors also complement the home, with the panel design and garage door windows echoing the size and shape of the front porch columns, windows and doors. This further supports the role the white overlay color plays in complementing the home’s white porch columns.

The garage door windows also nicely play into the Craftsman theme of bringing natural elements into the home by allowing light into the garage. Furthermore, the windows add architectural interest to the right side of the house and contribute to an inviting, open feel that would not be present with a solid door.

When it comes to hardware, simple black handles keep with the simplicity of the Craftsman tradition while also complementing the light fixtures on either side of the doors.

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Coachman® garage door

This home features a symmetrical curb appeal, created by repeating elements like the vertical garage door panels and tapered porch columns. The two-tone tan and white color combination blends with the rest of the house, and the earthy color calls back to the close-to-nature theme present in many Craftsman homes.

The size and shape of the garage doors also add to the home’s symmetry by mimicking the large picture window on the front of the home. Like the first home, this garage door incorporates windows for natural light, with the horizontal layout of the windows complementing the shape of the entry door’s window.

This home also uses simple black hardware, which tie into the light fixtures on either side, the window shutters, and the front porch railing on the right side of the home. The use of metal in these areas, as well as the choice of a steel garage door, reflects the mixed-material theme of the Craftsman style, with stone, natural wood, glass, and metal all incorporated into the home’s exterior.

Reserve Wood Semi-Custom
Reserve® Wood Semi-Custom stained wood garage door

While the two homes above opted for painted steel garage doors, this home uses natural wood on both the garage doors and entry door, creating consistency between the home’s two main entry points and contrasting the white color used for the window fixtures, porch columns and railings.

A big part of this home’s curb appeal comes from the feeling of overall warmth, created in part from the glow of light through the second-floor windows, and complemented by the use of windows in both the garage and entry doors. The windows on the doors share a similar shape, creating a repeating pattern of light at the top of each of the doors. Black hardware on the garage doors keeps the focus on the wood panels while also mirroring the clean, solid look of the entry door panels.

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Gallery® Steel with Walnut Ultra-Grain® Finish

This homeowner took the best-of-both-worlds approach by choosing a steel garage door from the Clopay Gallery Steel with our Walnut Ultra-Grain Finish – a combination that provides the convenience of low-maintenance steel with the look of natural wood. Although the garage door uses steel in its construction, the Ultra-Grain baked on paint finish creates a warm and inviting look, which is especially important for this home as the garage is a focal point for visitors when approaching from the driveway.

With three single garage doors, the total size of the garage is vast, but the windows on these doors do an excellent job of breaking up the garage doors and providing natural light. The vertical windows are also consistent with the size and shape of the home’s other windows, creating further consistency.

Like many Arts and Crafts style homes this home combines materials by utilizing wood, stone and siding. The Walnut Ultra-Grain finish on these doors helps to create further consistency among the materials by complementing the color of the exposed wood beams, columns, and shake shingle siding.

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While there is no one recommended garage door formula to create perfect curb appeal for craftsman homes, the homes shown here illustrate certain elements that are consistently popular across garage doors for craftsman homes:

  • Windows allow natural light into the home and complement the home’s other windows.
  • If the doors are painted, the base color often matches the color of the home to integrate the garage into the rest of the home.
  • If a natural wood look is chosen, it often complements the look of the entry door or other natural wood elements used on the home.

A garage door can have a big impact on the look of your home, and Clopay® has resources to help you reimagine its exterior. By clicking the buttons beneath any of the homes above, you can learn more about the garage door on that home and even try it on your own home using our Door Imagination System™.

If you know exactly what you want, or you’d prefer to talk it through with an expert first, our network of independent Clopay® Dealers can help. Visit our Dealer Locator, enter your location, and get a full list of Clopay® Dealers in your area that can provide design advice, install your door, and schedule regular maintenance. Whether it’s classic, new, or anywhere in between, you’re sure to love your Craftsman home with a Clopay® door.

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