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5 Garage Door Design Trends for 2022

Garage Doors

Jun 2022

While exterior home trends may not change dramatically from year to year, there are styles and finishes that continue to gain popularity. Texture and color tend to be front and center when it comes to trend setting, and 2022 is no different.

Here are five garage door design trends homeowners are embracing when building or renovating a home right now.

Canyon Ridge 4-Layer
A stained carriage house garage door and complementing front door add Craftsman character to this newly constructed transitional home.

Trend: Transitional Exteriors

Homeowners are creating a hybrid look that incorporates farmhouse and craftsman elements, as well as traditional and modern influences into their exterior design. Because of its size and visibility, the garage door can be a style anchor or as a space to show off your personality with a unique material or color.

Avante AX garage door, black aluminum frame with insulated frosted glass panels.

Carriage house garage doors can be the obvious choice for a farmhouse build – until you inject the word “modern” into it. The owners picked sleek frosted glass garage doors with black aluminum frames to play off the black and white color scheme as well as the expansive windows on the front of the house.

Trend: Black Garage Doors

Black is back in a big way -- especially as an accent color on windows, garage doors, and trim. Dark siding evokes a modern vibe and makes for a more interesting design that will stand out from other houses on the block.

Residential Garage Door Trends
Incorporating a garage door with windows breaks up the dramatic expanse with open, inviting details. Door shown: Canyon Ridge Louver, Design 52 with SQ23 windows.

Trend: Natural is the New Neutral

Natural wood is making its way throughout the home, because rustic brings warmth, especially to modern minimalism. It can be used as an accent color on dark exteriors or as a “third neutral” on black and white exteriors that ties together stained columns, the front door and cladding.

Reserve Wood
Clopay Reserve Wood Custom Design 11 with REC13 windows. Photo courtesy: Caruso Builders.

Whether you’re a pure wood purist or want the look of wood without the upkeep, Clopay offers dozens of wood species as well as low-maintenance steel or composite doors that mimic the look of real wood.

Bridgeport Steel Ultra-Grain
Clopay Bridgeport Steel Garage Door in the Medium Ultra-Grain finish, narrow panel design with REC14 windows. Photo courtesy: KO Construction.

Trend: Indoor-Outdoor Connections

Floor to ceiling doors that blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living and flood rooms with natural light are a priority for homeowners. Builders are getting creative and installing glass garage doors that can be rolled up when the weather is nice to expand square footage for outdoor entertaining.

Hobby Barn
Designed to replicate an old barn, this hobby workshop near Asheville, N.C. was built to house 12 cars, motorcycles, and off-road vehicles, as well as space to relax and an office for work. Photos provided by the builder.

Hobby Barn
Living Stone Design + Build used Avante glass garage doors to maximize accessibility, daylight, and enjoyment of the gorgeous mountain views. Installed by Asheville Garage Door.

Avante Bar Window

Yes, you can do that with a garage door! The builder designed this custom size Avante glass garage door for a garage that doubles as a recreation area with an outdoor kitchen.

Garage Door Flex Space

Vertical track lifts the door straight up the wall for a clean, open look with no overhead obstructions.

Trend: Big and Tall or Very Small

Garage doors are getting taller and wider to accommodate SUVs, RVs, boats, and recreational vehicles.

It’s not uncommon to see different size garage doors placed side-by-side on new homes and garage additions.

Windcode Garage Doors
These Canyon Ridge faux wood garage doors are 10’ x 18’ and 8’ x 8.’ The simple panel design along with the structural break between the two doors creates a smooth visual transition between the different heights. Photo courtesy: @jettsetfarmhouse.

Design proportions can change based on the door size. Use Clopay’s Door Imagination System or or Quick Draw tool to visualize how the doors will look together before you buy.

Residential Garage Door Trends
Clopay Canyon Ridge (5-Layer) Carriage House garage doors on the Southern Living 2019 Idea House by Living Stone Design + Build on Amelia Island. Installed by D&D Garage Doors.

See the third garage door? It’s actually the golf cart bay. Clopay made it in a custom size to complement the main overhead doors.

The architect decided to forgo windows in favor of a solid top section to keep it clean and simple. The door has an automatic garage door opener, too.

View the Clopay Lookbook for more inspiring garage door ideas from award winning builders and architects.

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