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Can I Replace My Garage Door Panels?

Garage Doors

Sep 2016

It’s a question we hear frequently from homeowners. The good news is that more often than not you can replace the damaged garage door panel section without having to replace the entire door.

Here is a short list of some quick identifiers to tell you if you need a new garage door:

  • An old model door (15+ years) with no available replacements
  • Certain custom carriage house designs (Coachman, Canyon Ridge, Gallery)
  • Sagging or bent garage door panels
  • Peeling or Cracked paint
  • Major Dents and Dings on multiple panels

You can learn more in-depth about signs to replace your garage door by reading our service and replacement FAQ guide

I only need to replace my garage door panel. What should I do next?

Garage door panel replacement can be unsafe for the average homeowner because the panels are heavy and under tension from the spring. This is why Clopay recommends hiring a professional to help order and install your new panel. We have Master and Authorized dealers across the country in the US and Canada to assist you.

Where to Buy Replacement Glass

Some information you’ll need to give to a dealer

To order a replacement garage door panel section, the dealer will need to know:

  • the model of the door
  • the size of the section to be replaced
  • the color
  • which section is needed: top, bottom or middle

The serial number is the easiest way to determine the door model you have.

If your garage door was manufactured in the last ten years, the 15- to 16-digit serial number is located on the interior bottom section of the door.

A Clopay dealer will install the new panel section when it arrives. Depending on which part of the door is damaged, the service technician will disconnect the garage door opener and springing system, restack the door sections, reconnect the hardware and opener, and check to make sure the door is operating smoothly.installing garage door sections

If you’re looking for more information on how to replace your garage door panels, check your owner’s manual, or for more Clopay “how-to” resources, check our installation and maintenance videos on YouTube.

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