Having Trouble with Your Garage Door?

Utilize the drop down menu below to find solutions to common troubleshooting issues related to garage door maintenance and repair.

Door ​ symptoms

  • Garage Door Shaking

  • Cannot Lift Door

  • Larger Gap at Third and Top Section Joint than at Others

  • Door Doesn't Lock Every Time Door is Closed #1 Lock only-(cable assembly)

  • Top Section is Bent at Top of Center of Door

  • Garage Door Reverses With Opener

  • Bottom Section Hitting Stop Molding

  • Door Moves Side to Side in Track

  • Door Hits Header

  • Door is Hard to Open from Closed Position

  • Door is Hard to Close from Open Position

  • Door Won't Stay Closed Unless Door is Locked

  • Door Seems to be Binding Near Closed and/or Open Position

  • Weatherstripping on Door Stops is Torn

  • Daylight Can be Seen at Inside Edges

  • Door with Torsion Spring(s) Won't Lift Properly

While some homeowners have the skill and tools to handle a minor repair themsleves, we recommend that issues with any parts be handled by a garage door service professional:

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CLOPAY recommends that garage doors be serviced by competent professionals. Some states or localities have licensure requirements as to garage door installers.  Please do not attempt installation or repair of garage doors unless you are have thoroughly read all installation manuals. This troubleshooting section is intended to provide general advice as to common problems and possible resolutions of those problems. It is not intended to provide particular advice as to any unique situation.  We recommend that you consult with one of our many qualified independent installing dealers if you have particular questions as to your door. This troubleshooting guide is limited to Clopay products, and is not for use with the products of any other manufacturer. This troubleshooting guide is subject to the Terms of Use.