Garage Door Design Trends 2024
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Garage Door Trends 2024

Garage Doors

May 2024

It’s always fun to look at sites like Pinterest, Houzz and Instagram to discover the latest exterior design trends but it’s the data that reveals the real winners of the popularity contest in any category. This garage door trends report is strictly by the numbers…ours.

Classic steel garage door designs represent the highest volume of sales but as garage door manufacturers continue to introduce styles that more closely complement different architectural styles, builders and designers are choosing them to maintain the character of the homes they design from the front door to the garage.

Carriage house doors remain popular however, we are seeing a surge in modern garage door designs as homeowner preference for mixing styles to make a more visually interesting exterior grows. 

Modern Steel with Contemporary Slim Windows in Black
Modern Steel with Contemporary Slim Windows in Black. Photo credit: Healthier Homes by JS2 Partners

Homeowners are also recognizing the value of investing in a unique garage door design because it’s an upgrade that pays for itself. 

According to the Remodeling 2024 Cost vs. Value Report, garage doors have a 194% ROI at resale, on average, nationwide. Yes, a garage door pays for itself nearly twice!

Garage doors take up a lot of real estate and an outdated door can sour a buyer’s first impression, while the right one can make them swoon. HOAs are adapting and allowing a wider variety of styles and materials. Replacement is also an easy upgrade that can be completed in one day if you hire a professional garage door installer.

Trend: White Out

Classic Steel in White
Classic Steel in White

The most popular garage door color choice is still white, but it is on the decline. 

Trend: Dark Colors Rising

Dark colors like Charcoal, Dark Brown and Black are increasing in popularity to complement darker windows, entry doors and trim colors.

Gallery Steel in CharcoalGallery Steel in Charcoal. Photo credit Laurey W. Glenn.

Bridgeport Steel in BlackBridgeport Steel recessed panel door in Black. Photo credit: This Old House.

Lustra is a low-gloss matte finish with a subtle texture available on Clopay Modern Steel, Bridgeport Steel and the Gallery Steel lines. It comes in Black, Charcoal and Silver.

Trend: Warm Up to Wood-Look Finishes

Wood-look finishes on low-maintenance materials like steel or composite are also popular. 

Ultra-GrainGallery Steel in Medium Finish. Photo credit: Elyse McCurdy Designs.

Available in a wide range of tones, Clopay’s Ultra-Grain wood-look finish adds warmth, texture and contrast to a monochrome exterior.

Clopay’s Modern Steel Ultra-Grain Plank is a new horizontal plank design with a stained appearance available exclusively on Modern Steel garage doors. It comes in six colors: Barnwood, Cedar, Coastal Gray, Espresso, Natural, and Kona.

Ultra-GrainModern Steel Ultra-Grain Plank in Kona Finish.

These shades work well with the most popular siding colors including greens, blues, gray, black, and of course white.

Trend: Seeing the Light with Garage Door Windows

The majority of garage doors being sold today incorporate windows. There are a variety of glass options for privacy, and layouts to fit every type of architecture from traditional to modern.

Rock The BlockAvante with frosted glass and a black anodized frame.

Rock The BlockModern Steel in Black with Plain Long Windows in Black Lustra.

Rock The BlockCanyon Ridge Louver Design 52 with REC11 windows in Walnut.

Rock The BlockCanyon Ridge 5-Layer Design 11 with REC14 widows in Black.

Trend: Energy-Efficiency Matters

Homeowners speak with their wallet and they are willing to pay extra for insulation because they don’t want their garage to be a source of drafty air – especially if they have living space overhead. 

An insulated door will keep the garage an average of 10 to 20 degrees warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Trends are meant to inspire and invite us to consider a look that will make our house feel up-to-date. Every home is unique, and there are garage door options to fit your style and budget. 

An easy way to find what resonates with you is to use our Door Imagination System to upload a photo of your home and try on different designs. Upgrading your garage door may even start a new trend in your neighborhood. Visit your local Clopay dealer today to get started.

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