Canyon Ridge 5-Layer
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Faux Wood Garage Doors Offer Real Benefits for Homeowners

Garage Doors

May 2022

Canyon Ridge 5-Layer
Canyon Ridge 5-Layer Carriage House door, Design 13 with REC windows in the Dark finish.

When it comes to buying a new garage door, the beauty and realism of natural wood look-alikes has homeowners saying, “We’ll take the fake!”

There’s no mistaking the beauty of a natural wood garage door. It adds instant warmth and character to a home. With it, though, comes annual upkeep and refinishing to protect it from weather, water, and termite damage.

Canyon Ridge 4-Layer
Canyon Ridge 4-Layer Carriage House door, Design 13 with SQ24 windows in the walnut finish

If you love the look of wood but not the obligatory upkeep, a faux wood garage door can bridge the gap between the design you want and the convenience of a lower-maintenance material.

Clopay’s expansive lineup includes a variety of styles, materials and price points.

Easy and Economical Steel

Gallery Steel Ultra-Grain Garage DoorGallery Steel garage door, short panel design with ARCH1 windows in Walnut Ultra-Grain finish.

The most affordable wood-look option is a stamped steel garage door with Clopay’s Ultra-Grain finish.

Available in several designs and colors, these garage doors have a wood grain pattern imprinted on the steel for a long-lasting, low-maintenance finish. The only exterior upkeep required is to wash and wax the surface annually—it doesn’t get much easier than that.

Free color swatches can be ordered.

Ultra-Grain Steel garage doors come in all styles, from Mid-Century Modern to carriage house and classic panel designs.

Modern Steel Clopay Garage Door
Modern Steel door with contemporary slim windows in the Medium Ultra-Grain finish.

Get a timeless look with a Bridgeport Steel door or even a Clopay Classic Steel raised panel design.

Clopay Bridgeport Steel
Bridgeport Steel garage door in Dark Ultra-Grain finish, narrow panel design. Photo courtesy JS Brown & Company.

Classic Steel Clopay Garage Door
Classic Steel door, elegant panel design in the Cherry Ultra-Grain finish, Trenton decorative windows.

Authentic Wood Looks, Less Maintenance

Windcode Garage Doors
Canyon Ridge 5-Layer Carriage House door, Design 11 with REC13 windows in the Medium finish. Photo courtesy @jettsetfarmhouse.

Clopay Canyon Ridge faux wood garage doors can fool even the most discerning eye. These garage doors are as close as you can get to the look and feel of real wood, but they won’t warp, rot or crack.

Canyon Ridge 5-Layer vs 4-Layer
Notice the realistic detail on the Clear Cypress composite cladding.

Made with a durable steel base, each door has composite cladding and overlays molded from pieces of real wood to mimic the depth, texture and even imperfections found in nature.

The door can be painted or stained and is UV- and moisture-resistant, making it a great option for all climates.

Canyon Ridge doors have a two-inch thick polyurethane foam insulated steel core for premium energy efficiency and durability. This can really improve the comfort of your home year-round, especially if you have a room above the garage.

Most Canyon Ridge doors are comparable in cost to a real wood door. Keep in mind, you’ll enjoy years of savings on sanding, painting and staining.

Style options include the Modern series, which features key elements of contemporary architecture: clean horizontal lines with mid-century appeal, sleek windows, and metallic accents.

Canyon Ridge Modern Garage Door
Canyon Ridge Modern faux wood garage door in the Medium finish with long windows. Project by Coat Design Remodel. Photo by 512 Studios.

Canyon Ridge Modern Windows
Close-up detail: Canyon Ridge Modern doors have horizontal planks with seamless edges around the windows.

Time-tested carriage-house doors come in 15 different styles that can be customized with windows and decorative hardware to make your home stand out.

Canyon Ridge with 5 Layers
Canyon Ridge 5-Layer Carriage House door, Design 13 with REC14 windows in a custom stain finish. Photo courtesy @michelle_janeen.

Clopay’s Canyon Ridge 4-Layer Carriage House door combines low-maintenance Ultra-Grain steel with durable, weather-resistant composite overlays. Model shown: Design 21 with SQ23 windows in the Slate finish.

The Canyon Ridge Louver series is a versatile option for many homes. A coastal beach house is an obvious fit. Depending on the design you choose, a Louver door works on a modern farmhouse as well as transitional, contemporary and colonial exteriors.

Canyon Ridge Louver
For the beach: Canyon Ridge Louver door, Design 54 in a custom paint color.

Residential Garage Door Trends
Canyon Ridge Louver door, Design 54 with SQ23 windows in Black gives this modern farmhouse a hint of rustic carriage house charm. Photo courtesy @kirstie_kayyy.

Canyon Ridge Louver Dark Finish
Canyon Ridge Louver Design 54 adds depth and dimension to this transitional white stucco home. Photo courtesy Coastal Garage Doors.

Find Your Faux

Visit your local dealer's showroom to find a faux wood garage door to fit your home.

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