Carriage House Garage Doors

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Clopay carriage house garage doors combine two of the most commonly desired elements of residential garage doors – the rustic charm of the carriage house and the modern convenience of an overhead-opening garage door. Whether you are seeking the perfect match for new construction or simply replacing existing garage doors, carriage house style can be the perfect way to incorporate your personal taste into your home’s exterior while also enhancing curb appeal.

What Makes A Carriage House Garage Door?

Carriage-style garage doors, known to some as “carriage garage doors”, or “barn-style garage doors” date back to the era of the carriage house, which was meant to store horse-drawn carriages. Since the typical family now travels via automobile rather than a horse-carriage, a popular way to capture the historic charm of this bygone era is to choose a carriage house garage door.

Because these doors were originally crafted from wood, natural finishes are often popular for this type of garage door. Clopay offers natural wood via the RESERVE® WOOD, or the convenience of faux wood with our Ultra-Grain finish. Homeowners seeking a “country-style” garage door look may opt for a painted white finish with crossbuck panels. A variety of other finish options are also available, including custom paint and stain options to complement the design of virtually any home.

In addition to the natural tones of wood, many homeowners enjoy the natural light provided by a carriage house garage door with windows. Window choices range from the simple look of plain glass, to the artistic look of designer-etched glass with beveled inserts. To make cleaning easy, all Clopay’s window inserts are removable.

What Do Carriage House Garage Doors Cost?

As with any building material, carriage house garage door prices depend on the materials used, level of insulation, and your local home-improvement market prices. Because of this, you can typically expect garage doors with materials like composite to be more affordable than natural wood. It is important to keep in mind that most homeowners only replace their garage door once in their lifetime, so choosing the door of your dreams will be an investment you will enjoy for years to come.

For homeowners primarily concerned with wind-resistance and durability, Clopay offers Windcode carriage house door designs. These doors are designed for high-wind environments like Florida, Connecticut, Texas, North and South Carolina.

Where Can I Find Carriage House Garage Doors For Sale?

If you love the look of carriage house doors, it is easy to find the perfect look for your home. Use our Door Imagination System to see a Clopay door on your home, or look at pictures of carriage house doors in our Inspiration Gallery. Then, use our Where to Buy locator to find a local dealer or Home Depot near you and get your perfect door professionally installed.

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