IECC Compliant Clopay Commercial Garage Doors

U-Factor and Air Infiltration Results for Clopay Commercial Sectional Doors

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The thermal performance and energy efficiency of commercial sectional overhead garage doors has become an increasingly more important factor to consider when designing, building and maintaining commercial or industrial spaces. Building codes & standards, such as those found in LEED, IECC, and ANSI/ASHRAE/IES Standard 90.1 provide guidelines and standards for how sectional overhead doors should be made, and how they should perform.

Clopay is proud to provide the performance ratings of our doors with regard to thermal transmittance (U-Factor) and air infiltration, for the purpose of documenting our doors' compliance with these building codes. These ratings are achieved through testing in independently owned and operated laboratories. Tests conducted in these laboratories are strictly monitored by industry testing regulations, to ensure they are conducted in accordance with testing requirements specified by the American Standard Testing Method and the Door & Access Systems Manufacturers Association, as outlined by ASTM E283-12 and the ANSI/DASMA 105-2012.

Clopay's third party test results for thermal transmittance (U-Factor) and air infiltration in accordance with these standards are shown in the listing to the right.

Please note:

  • All doors tested were solid (no windows)
  • All Air Infiltration test results were achieved with standard Clopay vinyl perimeter seal


DASMA Standards Publications
American Standard Testing Methods Publications
Clopay Technical Bulletin on Thermal Properties

Code Compliant Checkmark found in our literature for compliant products

Anywhere you see this checkmark in our literature means the product associated with it is code compliant

Clopay Model Tested U-Factor Air Infiltration Rating* - 25mph
3150 0.28 0.40
3154 0.28 0.40
3155 0.28 0.40
3158 0.28 0.40
3159 0.28 0.40
3200 0.24 0.34
3208 0.24 0.34
3209 0.24 0.34
3211 0.23 0.34
3213 0.24 0.34
3220 0.24 0.34
3708 0.19 0.12
3709 0.19 0.12
3715 0.19 0.12
3717 0.18 0.25
3718 0.18 0.25
3720 0.16 0.22
3721 0.16 0.22
3722 0.16 0.22
3723 0.16 0.22
3724 0.16 0.22
3728 0.16 0.22
3729 0.16 0.22
3730 0.15 0.20
904 N/A 0.15


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