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Color Us Convinced: Insulation is Key When Choosing the Right Door

Commercial Overhead Doors

Dec 2023

Growing the family garage door business came as second nature for Shaun Rost and his sister Kelly Seaman. Their dad, Ken Rost, founded Citywide Garage Door in Pittsburgh over 25 years ago. While the installs kept Ken and his budding team moving outside the office, their mom kept things moving inside. Over time, Shaun and Kelly found themselves taking on more active roles in the business, so much so that it seemed only fitting for them to step in, when their parents decided to step back. The best of both worlds.

Picking up where his dad left off, Shaun found himself working hard to find the best solutions for his customers. So when Carl Smith, Store Manager for Safelite Auto Glass in Pittsburgh, reached out to him to service his failing garage doors, Shaun wasted no time coming to the rescue—on more than one occasion.

“The manufacturer of the doors we had wasn’t in business anymore,” Carl explained. “Shaun kept them functioning as long as he could. He must have come out at least three or four times, but I knew their lifespan was ending and we needed to replace them.”

Says Shaun, “Carl and I talked about what he was really looking for: a door that would keep everyone cool in the summer and warm in the winter. After some thought, I recommended Clopay’s 3200 Model for its value and performance.”

Carl had a vision, and some concerns. He wanted a really efficient door, something sharp, but in black. “We get direct sunlight here. I was worried. Especially about going with black doors, but I really wanted the look,” he said.

The perfect combination of insulation and style.
Understanding Carl’s position, Shaun assured him that these doors were the ideal fit. He told Carl, “This door comes in at the right price point… plus its insulation value and thickness make it a solid choice.”

“The entire order consisted of eight – 10’ 0” x 10’ 0” x 2” Clopay #3200 doors,” Kelly explained. “Their design features a black, minor ribbed exterior with three 24” x 12” insulated windows per door at eye level. For dependability, the doors are equipped with 25,000 cycle front mount torsion springs.”

The installation went smoothly and took a total of five days, start to finish. When Carl saw the doors, he called Shaun and Kelly immediately. Not only was he pleased with the install techs and the job they did, he could not get over how terrific they looked.

Commercial Garage Door Case Study

“Seeing is believing,” Carl exclaimed. “The doors get hot on the outside, but the inside of the building is a lot cooler. The doors are performing well, they seal way better than the older ones, and the difference is like night and day. Insulation is key.”

Commercial Garage Door Case Study

Incidentally, Carl and his team aren’t the only ones who love the doors. “Three business owners from our area came in and personally complimented our new look and actually asked about the doors,” Carl beamed. “The before-and-afters say it all.”

Commercial Garage Door Case Study

Before and After

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