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Oct 17, 2023


Cars and garage doors share a natural connection. This synergy is the driving force behind the partnership between Clopay Corporation, McKee, and Meyer Shank Racing. Tim Meyer, Commercial Director at Meyer Shank Racing, delves into this partnership and explains how Clopay and Cornell garage doors impact his home and business

A Well-Timed Partnership
In 2021, McKee's president, Matt Girard, introduced the leaders of Clopay Corporation and Meyer Shank Racing. This introduction led to Clopay’s sponsorship of the racing team and the installation of Clopay 3724 exterior sectional doors and Cornell ESD10 interior coiling doors at their 42,000-square-foot race facility in Pataskala, Ohio.

“In my opinion, they make the finest product in the market and they make the best door—and they care,” said Tim Meyer. “That’s a company and a brand that we want represented across all extensions of our business, including my home.”

First Impressions Matter at Home and at Work
For Tim, first impressions matter. Whether it’s a house or a business, a garage door is the key design element that ties everything together.

“We joke around with members of the team, and it’s like everyone in the Indy Car paddock wants a Clopay door,” Tim mused.

Inspired by the installation at the Meyer Shank Racing facility, Tim and his wife Allison Meyer decided to incorporate Clopay doors in their home. “We do spend a lot of time in our garage. With two young kids, we’re always in and out with all of their toys and activities,” said Allison. “Having an old 100-year-old home, it compliments it so well, the way they were able to match everything and make it look as if it’s been here just as long as the home has.”


Tim Meyer values quality both on and off the track. The power of partnership between Meyer Shank Racing, Clopay, and McKee has brought visions to life, showing the lasting impact of a well-chosen garage door. It’s a reminder that the smallest details can leave a lifelong impression.


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