Is your front door ready for winter?

Dec 08, 2022

Maintaining an airtight seal on entry doors is essential for stopping drafts and keeping a home comfortable. While some may think about this in the fall as winter temperatures approach, it’s equally important to resolve any issues in the spring before cooling costs get out of control.

There are three items on a Clopay entry door that are commonly referred to as “wear items” and should periodically be replaced to maintain a good seal around the door. Together, these items make up the perimeter seal of an entry door and play a large role in how well the door performs on energy efficiency.

Front Door Components

WEATHERSTRIPPING: Designed to seal the door around three sides to keep out light, air and water, this vinyl-wrapped foam compression weatherstrip has a barbed fin that sits inside a groove in the door’s frame. Replacing it on Clopay entry doors is fairly easy and does not require removing the door from its hinges.  

BOTTOM SWEEP: The four finger door bottom sweep or seal is attached to the bottom of the door panel and is designed to marry up with the adjustable sill channel to keep out light, air and water. Replacement of the bottom sweep requires that the door be taken off its hinges and laid flat on a protective surface.

CORNER SEAL PADS: The corner seal pads are adhered to the bottom of each vertical jamb of a door unit to provide extra protection at a vulnerable point where the weatherstrip meets the sill. If missing, it can result in a pinpoint of light or air making it its way inside the home. It’s always a good idea to keep a few packages of these on-hand for field replacements.




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