Recognizing the 7 Signs of an Aging Front Door

Dec 03, 2013

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Has your front door passed its prime?

1. The towel you stuff under the door to keep out the cold air is starting to freeze.

2. The foggy glass isn't a special effect for the holidays - it looks that way year round.

3. It has more dents, dings, and rust than a junkyard car. That isn’t what HGTV designers mean by “old world charm”.

4. Who needs a peep hole? It’s easier to look through the widening cracks to see who’s knocking at the door.

5. Forget the gym – you get a full body workout just opening and closing the door twice a day.

6. There is visible rot from water or insect damage.

7. People compliment you on your authentic retro exterior but that isn't the look you are going for at all.

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If your front door is showing its age, it’s probably costing you money. And that’s not funny.

Exterior doors, especially old and poorly insulated ones, can account for more than 20% of a home’s energy loss.

If your door is warped, cracked, or the weather stripping is worn away you are also losing energy. A one-eighth-inch gap around a door is equivalent to a 6-inch-square hole in the side of your house.

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According to ENERGY STAR®, nearly half of a typical home’s annual utility bill goes to heating and cooling costs.

Stop paying money to heat and cool the outdoors. Energy-efficient doors can reduce monthly heating and cooling bills by 15 to 20 percent, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

How a Clopay® Door Helps You Save Energy

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Dense polyurethane foam insulated core reduces energy loss.


image (698)

Durable, moisture resistant window frames seal tight to the door and won't expand, contract, warp, sag, shift or twist due to extreme temperature changes.

image (699)

Q-lon weatherstripping along the top and sides of the door provides a tight exterior seal to keep moisture, air and dirt out of your home.

image (700)

rot-resistant composite sill with an adjustable threshold fits snugly to the door bottom to protect against water and air infiltration.

image (701)

Double bulb, four-fin sweep eliminates air and water infiltration.

Ring in the New Year with a New Front Door

image (702)

Clopay Arbor Grove Collection stained Mahogany fiberglass entry door with Carlisle decorative glass and sidelites.


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