Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Avante Archives

Dec 14, 2011

Clopay's Avante Collection aluminum and glass garage door is a favorite among the EMHE designers. Here’s a look back at two other projects it was featured in.

Pine Mountain, Georgia

image (388)

Glass panel garage doors like the Avante Collection are becoming a popular modern alternative to French doors to seamlessly merge indoor and outdoor living spaces. Builder Specialties managed this project installation.

image (389)

EMHE designers used the Avante doors as a moving wall of windows between the family's great room, the outdoor patio, and the new private therapy room built for the Williams' son Jacob, who suffers from Spina bifida, and his father Jeremy, who has ALS.

image (390)

image (391)

The oversized opening makes it possible for both Jacob and Jeremy to access these common living areas with ease.

Cincinnati, Ohio

image (392)

In an episode filmed in Cincinnati, Ohio, Clopay Master Authorized Dealer AE Door Sales installed an Avante Collection door with a painted white frame and frosted tempered insulated glass on the Akers' garage.

The contemporary look fits right in with the home's rustic, modern style, adding an interesting visual element to the front entrance.

To see more Clopay Avante Collection garage door design options, visitavante.

To contact Builder Specialties, visit

To contact AE Door Sales, visit



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