Tips for Creating Curb Appeal on a Budget - Part One

Feb 08, 2010

Exhibiting at the International Builders Show last month let us take a break from winter and start daydreaming about warmer weather and all of the great outdoor home improvement projects that go with it. Although most of us have several more weeks to go before we begin to thaw out, now is the perfect time to start planning spring projects that will help boost your home’s curb appeal and value, as well as your spirits.

TV designer Chayse Dacoda, best known for her role as a design expert on the TLC home improvement series, While You Were Out and HGTV’s Get It Together, has built her reputation on helping homeowners refresh worn out spaces. Here are her suggestions for minor cosmetic changes that have an extreme impact on a not so extreme budget.


Creating curb appeal doesn’t have to be extensive or expensive. Here are some ideas:

  1. Paint your house! This may be an obvious one, so I have to get it out of the way first. Even so, not enough people do it. Most houses need it anyway. Go crazy, do what you have always wanted. Many tones of the same hue can really add dimension to the house. And remember, decorative moldings on older houses give license to use more than one color. Good prep work, like sanding off worn and chipping areas and priming, can make an exterior paint job last a lot longer and look better.
  2. Change out-dated light fixtures - or add lights if you don't have some already. Light up your doorways and walkways. Better to have more lights at lower watt-ages than one, very bright one.
  3. Add landscaping. Consult your local nursery for plants and shrubs that work best in your area. If you're an urban dweller, don't let cement stop you -- add potted planters. The right landscaping around a property will make all the difference in the world.
  4. Replace a worn out garage door with a new, decorative model. This will have a big impact especially if you have a front-facing garage. Manufacturers offer many designs and decorative accessories so it’s easy to find a door that will complement the architecture of your home.
  5. Illuminate your landscape. This will completely change the look of your property at night. Angle low lights to point up at trees and bushes and point down along a pathway for safety. Keep it simple. Use solar lights that charge during the day if you don’t want to run wires.

Check back tomorrow for more tips.


Curb AppealChayse Dacoda


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