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Clopay® Introduces Commercial Model CERD20 Insulated Rolling Steel Fire Door

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Clopay Commercial Products Group is introducing the Model CERD20 insulated rolling steel fire door, which is UL and FM Labeled to protect standard and oversize openings for up to 4 hours. It can also be “S Labeled” for air and smoke infiltration. The door is approved for face of wall or between jambs mounting to steel or masonry in both interior and exterior walls.

With a 5.3 R-value, the Model CERD20’s 7/8” insulated curtain serves as an excellent thermal barrier in environments that require separation due to varying climate control conditions. The insulation flame spread and smoke development index factors are zero.

A choice of motorized, hand-crank, and standard chain hoist operating systems is offered. An E-Z reset feature is also available, enabling the door to close during an emergency, or to be drop tested without having to manually reset the spring mechanism.

The door closes at a controlled rate of no more than 9 inches per second, and can be reset by simply raising the door to the fully open position using the provided device. This makes it easier for operators to comply with regular testing requirements and helps reduce the risk of potential injury from a falling door.

Other features include:

  • Weldable guides with upward expansion
  • Guide service cutouts for ease and safety of service
  • Custom headplates designed for each door assembly to simplify operator installation
  • Structural hoods finished to match curtains
  • Powder coated guides, bottom bars, headplates and components
  • Paint colors: white, tan and gray. Additional options include 188 powder coat finishes and stainless steel #4 finish

A fail-safe release device, smoke detector, alarm enunciator, voice enunciator and warning strobe lights can be added.

The Model CERD20 can be designed to meet specific PSF wind load requirements; seismic performance validation can also be provided.

For more information, visit Commercial-Doors-Products.

About Clopay Commercial Rolling Steel Doors
Clopay Commercial Products Group offers a complete line of Clopay brand rolling steel products, including service doors, insulated and un-insulated fire doors, counter shutters, fire and smoke rated counter shutters, rolling grilles and side folding grilles, and closures.

The product line includes WindCode® reinforcement up to W8 on Clopay’s rating scale; with the exception of Miami-Dade County. The fire rated products have UL, FM and Canadian UL labels for 90 minute, 3 hour, and 4 hour wall ratings.

Clopay rolling steel products are assembled in America and are supported with “Buy American” documentation. Project specific LEED calculations and letters are available, along with seismic calculations.

Detailed product descriptions and specifications are available at /Commercial-Doors-Products.

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