Clopay® Modern Steel Collection Garage Door Featured on NEXTadventure Home at 2017 International Builders Show

Jan 16, 2017

New Adventure Home - Clopay Modern Steel Collection
Clopay’s Modern Steel Collection garage door is featured on the NEXTadventure home, which will be open for tours during the 2017 International Builders’ Show (IBS) in Orlando January 10 – 12.

A joint collaboration between Hanley Wood’s BUILDER magazine and Taylor Morrison, a leading national homebuilder and developer, the NEXTadventure Home showcases the future of the 55+ lifestyle.

Despite all of the attention given to courting Millenial buyers, a Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies shows 55+ homebuyers will dominate the market during the next decade, creating huge demand and opportunity for builders and suppliers.

The architecture, floorplan, features, and finishes were handpicked to meet the needs of this buyer group that were identified in two recent studies polling their preferences, values, and attitudes.

According to the results, baby boomers purchasing a new home are looking for affordable, high-quality construction in a location convenient to shopping, dining, medical services, and entertainment, an open layout with plenty of natural light, sufficient storage, and sustainable and energy-efficient technology.

Clopay’s Modern Steel Collection garage door is the perfect choice to meet their preferences for personalized design, performance, and convenience.

The door features a durable, three-layer construction with optional polyurethane foam insulation, providing an energy-efficient 18.4 R-value. The available grooved and flush panel designs can be customized with a number of glass options for a fresh, edgy feel. Insulated doors with built-in reinforcement and impact-rated glass have both Florida and Miami-Dade product approvals.

“The garage door is the largest moving part on a home and often one of the most overlooked and underappreciated by its owner. That certainly isn’t the case for 2017 BUILDER NEXTAdventure home. In fact, the garage door is one of the first things people see when they arrive since it makes up a large part of the home’s front elevation,” says Clopay’s vice president of marketing Pat Lohse.

Architect Deryl Patterson, AIA, took advantage of the garage door’s wide expanse to incorporate the modern aesthetic seen elsewhere on the home and heighten its curb appeal.  

Patterson selected a grooved panel Modern Steel design with a custom five-window layout. The factory-painted Desert Tan door and narrow Reed glass windows allow natural light into the garage without compromising privacy. The sleek, minimalist style is a perfect complement to other details on the home and adds visual interest to the home’s attached two-car garage.

“Contemporary curb appeal doesn’t end with entry doors and windows. The size and number of garage doors on today’s homes make it an equally important design consideration,” says Clopay vice president of marketing Pat Lohse. “Clopay’s Modern Steel door meets a growing consumer demand for garage doors with clean lines, large expanses of glass, and custom finishes, and provides tremendous value in terms of affordability and easy maintenance.”

Insulated Garage Doors Lower Energy Costs, Improve Comfort Year-Round

Sustainable, energy-efficient products are also important to 55+ home buyers. Once again, as the barrier to the largest opening on a house, the garage door plays an important role in improving a home’s energy efficiency as well as preserving its structural integrity during a storm.

According to a comparison study conducted by Clopay engineers, replacing an older garage door with a new, insulated model can reduce energy loss through the garage by up to 71%.

Since attached garages like the one on the NEXTadventure home share common walls with the house, any hot or cold that travels through the garage door will ultimately affect the adjacent living areas.  The Modern Steel garage door’s three-layer, two-inch thick polyurethane insulated construction will help stabilize temperatures to reduce heat losses or gains year round.

Hurricanes Don’t Stand a Chance Against a Reinforced Garage Door

Sustainability takes on new meaning in hurricane prone regions like Florida. Property damage analysis from past hurricanes shows that the garage door is often the first thing to go in a storm. The good news is that the largest moving part on a home can be one of the easiest to reinforce.

Two kinds of reinforced garage doors are available. An “add-on” system requires homeowners to install floor to ceiling posts behind the garage door to reinforce it before the storm hits, and then remove them again afterwards to resume normal operation.

Clopay WindCode® garage doors are Storm-Ready®, meaning no add-on posts are needed to secure the door. Reinforcement is built into the structure of the door and engaged by simply locking it, a timesaving convenience in the event of a sudden evacuation notice.

This type of door is particularly beneficial to vacation home and rental property owners because they have peace of mind knowing that the garage door is secure as long as it’s locked.

Reinforced garage doors are available in many different styles including traditional, carriage house, and contemporary designs.

Clopay insulated Modern Steel Collection garage doors with impact-rated glass have Florida and Miami-Dade product approvals, which means homeowners can have a stylish garage door without sacrificing safety.

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