High-Altitude Insulated Glass Available on Clopay® Commercial & Residential Garage Doors

Aug 12, 2010

Clopay is now offering high-altitude insulated glass is now available on several of its commercial and residential garage door models, expanding the range of door options that qualify for the Energy Tax Credit.

“Standard insulated glass can break due to pressure changes at altitudes above 5,000 feet,” says Pat Lohse, vice president of residential marketing for Clopay Building Products.

“High-altitude glass has a capillary tube installed through the spacer to equalize any pressure differential between the inside and outside of the glass unit. The addition of this option provides dealers in specific markets the opportunity to sell insulated windows and also allows consumers to qualify for the Energy Tax Credit,” adds Lohse.

High-altitude insulated glass is an option on the Clopay commercial and residential garage doors that currently offer insulated windows including: 

o Premium Series
o Gallery® Collection 2” thick 3-Layer Models
o Coachman® Collection CG Models
o Reserve® Collection
o Avante® Collection

It is also available on square or rectangular shaped plain windows.

o Grilles and inserts are available to use with this type of glass
o Not available on decorative windows such as Brilliance or Leaded Series. 
o Not available on arched windows

High-altitude glass should not be used for installation at an elevation less than 3,000 feet above sea level. Doing so could increase moisture infiltration in the windows, producing a fogged appearance.
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