Clopay® Commercial Rolling Steel and Aluminum Counter Doors

Nov 22, 2010

Clopay CESC10-Counter-DoorsA
Clopay Commercial Products Group is introducing a new line of rolling counter doors to secure openings such as concession areas, cafeterias, pharmacies, parts-storage areas and ticket windows in a variety of commercial and professional environments. 

The doors, commonly referred to as counter shutters, provide durable, attractive and versatile solutions for standard openings up to 21’ wide by 10’ high in stadiums, schools, amusement parks, hospitals, airports, retail venues, hospitals and more.

Integral frame and sill counter doors in sizes up to 11' 7” wide by 4' 10” high are also available for the convenience of a factory-assembled unit and an attractive built-in look in walls 4" to 13" thick.

The curtains are manufactured in either 22 gauge galvanized or stainless steel, or 18 gauge aluminum. A choice of motorized, chain hoist, hand-crank, or manual push-up operation systems is offered, depending on the model. 

Clopay Model CESC10 Rolling Counter Doors:
Designed to secure finished counter openings on both interior and exterior walls, the model CESC10 features smaller, roll formed guides, brackets and hood than conventional service doors. Concealed tubular motors provide a solution for strict dimensional limitations around the header or aesthetic requirements that lend themselves to a smaller, compact design.

Standard motor, hand crank, and push-up designs are available based on the door size and weight.  However, lifting the counter door requires no more than 25 lbs. of force.

The curtains are made up of 1-5/8"slats manufactured in a choice of extruded .055" aluminum with a clear or color anodized finish, 22 gauge galvanized steel in light gray or 22 gauge stainless steel with #4 finish. Powder coating is also offered.

Options include:

Solid Countertops: 22 gauge galvanized steel provides full security with visibility and air circulation.

Perforated Counter Door Slat: Perforated 22 gauge galvanized steel slats provide visibility and ventilation while maintaining security and insect control.

Graphics Door: Durable, full-color images such as team logos or advertisements added to curtains and hoods.

Clopay Model CESC20 Manual Counter Door with Welded Integral Frame:
Designed specifically for interior use, the Model CES20 is offered with either manual push-up or hand-crank operation.
The integral welded head and jambs are formed from either 16 gauge 300 series stainless steel #4 finish or 16 gauge primed steel.  Curtain materials are available in clear or color anodized aluminum slats, galvanized steel in light gray, or 300 series stainless steel in #4 finish. Powder coating is an option on non-stainless components.

The units are factory assembled and pre-fitted to pass wall openings for fast, easy field installation and custom-built appearance. “Slip-In” units set into finished wall openings. “Built-In” face of wall units wrap around finished walls if installation is done while the wall is being constructed.

About Clopay Commercial Rolling Steel Doors:
Clopay Commercial Products Group offers a complete line of Clopay brand rolling steel products, including service doors, insulated and un-insulated fire doors, counter shutters, fire and smoke rated counter shutters, rolling grilles and side folding grilles and closures. 

The product line includes WindCode® capabilities up to W8 on Clopay’s rating scale; with the exception of Miami-Dade County.  The fire rated products have UL, FM and Canadian UL labels for 90 minute, 3 hour, and 4 hour wall ratings.

Clopay rolling steel products are assembled in America and supported with “Buy American” documentation.  Project specific LEED calculations and letters are available, along with seismic calculations. 

Detailed product descriptions and specifications are available at commercial-door-products.

With three manufacturing facilities and 51 distribution centers across the U.S. and Canada, Clopay Building Products is North America’s leading manufacturer of residential garage doors and a preferred supplier in the commercial industrial door market.  Bringing more than 40 years of experience and innovation to the garage door industry, Clopay Building Products maintains a strong family of brands including Clopay®, Holmes Garage Door Company® and Ideal Door®.

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