Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is headroom?

  • What is backroom?

  • I do not have standard size door openings. Can Clopay create custom garage doors to fit my needs?

  • How much headroom do I need?

  • I do not have the necessary amount of headroom. Is there something I can do?

  • How much do garage doors cost?

  • What is sideroom?

  • What type of spring system comes with my new garage door?

  • What type of glass options are available for the Avante Collection garage doors?

  • My garage door has a window section. Do I have a choice as to where that section is placed?

  • What tools will I need to install my garage doors?

  • I am building a new garage; what size should the rough opening for my garage door be?

  • I am getting ready to remove my old garage door, which has standard torsion springs. How can I get the tension off the springs?

  • Can I just replace the garage door sections, and not use the new track and springs that came with it?

  • Do I need to reinforce my garage door if I am installing an automatic garage door opener?

  • My garage door “hangs” in the opening – is that normal? Can I fix it?

  • How do I install my lockset?

  • Does the Clopay garage door package include everything I need for proper installation?

  • How do I install the struts provided with my garage door?

  • Where can I buy parts?

  • Does my garage door require maintenance?

  • Can I fix my garage door myself?

  • Are replacement sections available for my garage door?

  • I hear a lot about R-value. What is it and is it important?

  • My garage doors have no insulation; how can I fix this?

  • Can I install my old garage door opener on my new door?

  • What horsepower garage door opener do I need for my garage door?

  • When referring to steel gauge, does a lower number mean thicker steel?

  • Can I paint my Clopay garage door?

  • Can I install an Avante Collection garage door in a high wind area?

  • Does Clopay offer reinforced garage doors for high wind areas?

  • I live in Florida and purchased one of your garage doors with impact windows – how do I clean them?

  • Is the Gallery Collection available in WindCode?

  • Are Coachman Collection garage doors offered with WindCode?

  • Am I required to install handles on my garage door?


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