Commercial Garage Doors Safety


Garage Door Safety

Clopay Building Products is continuing to set new standards in product safety. Our involement with groups such as CSI, the SBCCI (Southern Building Code Conference for International), UL, FM, and the ASTM (American Society of Testing and Material), guarantees our engineers are informed and resposive to safety and building code updates.

Environmental TestingWindCode® | Environmental Testing | Cycle Testing
We put our garage doors through rigorous testing to ensure that they not only meet industry standards, but surpass them. Pressurized wind chamber and accelerated weather testing keeps Clopay Building Products on the leading edge, and guarantees that you'll have an outstanding commercial door system that perfectly fits your needs.


Clopay offers garage door designs to meet windload codes in every jurisdiction. The Clopay engineering team continually develops new technologies and tests their designs to exceed Dade County, Florida's windload requirements, the most stringent in the country. Click here for more information about WindCode.

Environmental TestingEnvironmental Testing
Testing our upward-acting doors against specific environmental challenges is an ongoing process. By measuring the effects of salt spray, heat, cold and ultraviolet rays, we learn what we, and you, can expect from our garage doors. The answer: extreme quality.

Tempered Glass: If you are specifying garage doors with either full-view or window lites, we offer tempered glass as an added safety feature.



Cycle TestingCycle Testing
All Clopay garage doors undergo extensive cycle testing -- measuring product performance throughout repeated upward and downward cycles -- to help maintain the integrity and quality of our doors. Ranging from 10,000 to 100,000 cycles, depending on the application, the tests focus primarily on wear factors related to components and assemblies of our coiling steel and sectional garage doors.

Sensing Edges                                                                        
We recommend that all garage doors with an automatic opener have a sensing edge attached to the bottom of the door. This will prevent the garage door from accidentally closing on individuals or objects. Depending on the options and settings, an owner can customize this function to stop and/or reverse. Sensing edges can be electric, electric fail safe or pneumatic.


Breakaway BottomBreak-Away Bottom Section
Clopay's re-settable break-away bottom section is an ideal solution for warehouse and factory environments that have a high volume of forklift traffic passing through the garage door opening. Unlike many competitive offerings, Clopay's break-away bottom section matches the exterior appearance of the main door. The section can be reset in seconds, minimizing downtime and costly repair calls as well as reducing the risk of operator injury.