Commercial Garage Doors Basics


Garage Door - Diagram

1Window Lite Glazed section with various types of glass or clear acrylic to allow for light and visibility.

2Sections Steel panels reinforced with stiles interconnected with hinges and rollers.

3Bottom Bracket
A structured support that provides for attachment of lifting cables.

4Cable Drum Grooved drums on the torsion spring shaft that lifting cables wind around when the door opens..

5Torsion Springs Provides the means to raise and lower the door via cable winding on drums.

6Extension Extends along both horizontal tracks.

7Rear Hanger Track

8Track: Provides a guide for section to raise or lower door.

  • Track Types:  Standard, Low Headroom, High Lift, Vertical Lift
  • Track Components:
    Vertical Track: on either side of opening.
    Horizontal Track: attached to ceiling.
    Radius: curved track.

Standard Heights: 7 feet high - 4 sections high
8 feet high - 5 sections high

Gauge = steel thickness 
A lower number is better. 24 gauge is thicker than 25 gauge.