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How to Choose a Modern Farmhouse Garage Door

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May 2024

The phrase “modern farmhouse” might seem contradictory, but it’s a design movement that’s gained popularity through the years. You’ve undoubtedly come across a modern farmhouse, but have you ever thought about a complementary garage door style? They do exist! Homeowners with a modern farmhouse don’t have to settle for a standard garage door. Clopay® offers a number of styles that will blend in seamlessly with your modern farmhouse.

Read on to learn what exactly is a modern farmhouse and what design elements do you have to keep in mind when selecting a modern farmhouse garage door.

What is a Modern Farmhouse?

The modern farmhouse style blends the look of a classic country farmhouse with clean, contemporary lines. Key features of a modern farmhouse typically include a neutral color palette, often white or light grays, with pops of black or warm wood tones. Shiplap, a type of horizontal wood paneling, is a common design element for walls and ceilings.

You’ll also often find modern farmhouses have spacious open floor plans with lots of natural light and large kitchens with a farmhouse sink and stainless-steel appliances. Bathrooms might have clawfoot tubs or walk-in showers with subway tile that give you a vintage vibe. Reclaimed wood accents and industrial lighting fixtures add a touch of country chic. The overall feel is one of warmth, comfort, and timeless design.

What Does a Modern Farmhouse Style House Look Like?

Coachman on Modern Farmhouse
Coachman steel and carriage house garage door Design 21 with REC13 windows. Photo credit: Andy Frame.

Modern farmhouses are basically cozy cottages with a modern twist. Picture a symmetrical house with a peaked, dark metal roof, a lot of big windows with black frames, and an oversized porch with wooden beams. Inside, forget walls separating the living room, dining room, and kitchen - it's all open space for easy living.

Light wood floors and whitewashed shiplap walls help create a warm, clean feel. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and typically has a big island for meals or hanging out. Think rustic touches like hanging lights and shelves made from metal or old wood. Modern farmhouse style is all about mixing new with old, comfy with elegant, for a home that is both stylish and welcoming.

How to Select the Perfect Farmhouse Garage Door

A modern farmhouse garage door captures the essence of traditional farmhouse style with clean lines. Here's what to consider for a modern farmhouse garage door:

  • Material: A real wood garage door (perhaps in a vintage carriage house style) will give you an undeniable farmhouse look. Or you can select a steel door with a composite overlay for the look of wood without the worry of it cracking, rotting, or warping. For a more modern look, an aluminum and glass garage door can maximize natural light in the space.
  • Design: Clean lines are key for a modern garage door. For a minimalist look, choose a flat panel design or one with marginal detailing. If you want more farmhouse character, consider carriage house garage doors (also known as barn-style), which are designed with crossbuck panels that you would find on old barn doors and windows.
  • Windows: Windows are a must for a farmhouse garage door, allowing natural light and adding visual interest. Choose a design that complements your home's windows, like one with grilles or a single large pane.
  • Hardware: Black hinges and handles are classic farmhouse touches, but sleek, modern hardware in a dark finish can also work well.

Things to Consider When Selecting Farmhouse Style Garage Doors

Farmhouse garage doors come in two styles: rustic and modern. If you’re going for a more timeless, rustic look, consider carriage-house doors. These doors were originally made from wood, and stain finishes are a popular choice. You can choose natural wood or a faux wood look. Another option is a steel door painted white with black handles and hinges.

Avante® aluminum and frosted glass garage door. Photo credit: @homeonanashvillehill

5 Modern Farmhouse Garage Door Designs We Love

There are a number of Clopay garage doors that will complement a modern farmhouse. They’re made of different materials and have different price points, so you can find what you need to complete the look of your home’s exterior.

Bridgeport™ Steel

A white exterior with black trim is a timeless farmhouse color scheme, no matter the era. Audrey at modernfarmhouse_ohio and her family built and moved into their “modern farmhouse” nearly two years ago. The family has done a lot of improvements to make sure the home reflects their personal style and this spring it was time to tackle the garage area.

Before Photo of classic white garage doors
Classic white raised panel steel garage doors blended in with the siding.

Bridgeport Steel with Lustra finish
The side entrance to the house is activated with new garage doors in a dramatic contrasting color that fits the farmhouse vibe.

After getting approval from her HOA, Audrey selected Bridgeport Steel garage doors in the Lustra low-gloss black matte finish to complement the home’s black windows and metal roof.

Bridgeport Steel doors have a clean, simple recessed panel design and she added rectangular windows to give the doors a carriage house feel. The transformation is a stark contrast to the before – no pun intended.

Photo credit: Modern Farmhouse Ohio and New Horizon Media Group


Built by Living Stone Design + Build near Asheville, North Carolina, this hobby barn isn't just a dream workshop for the owner’s cars, motorcycles and off-road vehicles. It also serves as an entertaining space and a home office, all the while showcasing the Blue Ridge Mountains, thanks to Clopay Avante garage doors.

The Avante’s black grid frame and glass panels lends itself perfectly to a modern-style farmhouse.

With clear insulated glass panels, the garage doors create a large expanse of natural light, provide functional accessibility and add a definitive touch to the mix of organic textures.

Because of the rural location, privacy isn’t a concern for these owners. If it were, there are other glass options available including frosted, mirrored and opaque glass that still let in plenty of light. The aluminum frame color can be customized, too.

Photo credit: Living Stone Design + Build

Gallery Steel

This home is new construction on a Northern Ohio farm that has been in the couple’s family for over 100 years. They originally planned to remodel their great-grandmother’s original house on the property, but it had been a rental for years and just wasn’t in the cards. Instead, they used the house as inspiration to design a new “old farmhouse” with modern amenities to replace it in the exact same spot.

Gallery Steel Garage Doors
Clopay Gallery Steel garage doors in Dark Oak Ultra-Grain finish.

With grooved panels and a low-maintenance wood-look finish, Clopay Gallery Steel garage doors add timeless vintage charm to the home’s new garage. It comes in many unique colors, including Ultra-Grain® and Lustra™ matte finishes.

The garage has three doors – two traditional doors to park cars and a third door on the back of the garage that opens to the patio and breezeway. It provides convenient access move equipment and toys outside and as a spot for food or shade when they entertain.

Photo credit: Andy Frame

Canyon Ridge 5-Layer

The original owners of the custom-built modern jettsetfarmhouse in St. Augustine, Fla. also used stained faux wood garage doors to warm up the all-white exterior, only they chose a durable UV- and moisture-resistant composite that will hold up to coastal air and humidity.

The Canyon Ridge 5-Layer doors are molded from Clear Cypress boards to replicate the look and feel of real wood, but they won’t rot, warp or crack and require little surface upkeep. They also have built-in WindCode reinforcement since the area is prone to hurricanes.

Windcode Garage Doors
This classic looking carriage house option is an insulated steel garage door with faux wood composite cladding and overlays. The door can be painted or stained to your desired look.

There are a lot of modern farmhouse garage door options, and it might seem overwhelming, but reach out to a local Clopay garage door dealer to discuss your options or check out our catalog of modern farmhouse and carriage house style garage doors.

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