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Say Yes to a Modern Glass Garage Door on a Not-So-Modern Home

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Apr 2024

When you think of modern garage doors, the aluminum and glass Avante is a popular and iconic style that comes to mind.

Modern garage doors aren't just for contemporary homes. There are many ways to customize them with different colors, glass types, and panel arrangements to complement other exterior details.

Look at these examples incorporating a modern glass door into a not-so-modern home.

Photo Credit: Eric Tate

The doors' clean lines and minimalist design complement the home's transitional aesthetic. Moreover, the glass adds a touch of transparency and openness, enhancing the welcoming visual appeal of the facade.

This traditional farmhouse has a modern glow thanks to two glass garage doors on the detached garage. Photo credit: Andy Frame.

In the realm of modern farmhouse architecture, glass garage doors offer a unique opportunity to combine rustic charm with sleek, contemporary elements. The traditional choice for farmhouse-style garage doors is typically a carriage house design with ornamentation like crossbuck "X" overlays, windows, decorative handles and hinges.

Hobby Barn. Photo Credit: Living Stone Design + Build.

The juxtaposition of reclaimed wood and seamed metal roof with the transparency of the glass garage door creates a visually captivating contrast that adds depth and character to the facade.

A variety of glass options lets you customize the degree of transparency from clear to opaque to suit your privacy needs while still allowing natural light to illuminate the interior.

It's interesting to look back 20 years ago when builders struggled to find a garage door design to complement modern architecture because the only options available were traditional raised panel steel or flush panel wood doors. That inspired many to consider installing commercial overhead sectional doors with glass panels that were commonly seen on car dealerships or gas stations.

Avante doors can be constructed with built-in windload reinforcement and impact-rated glass for homes along the coast. Photo credit: Andy Frame.

The clean, simple design and broad expanses of glass were appealing and provided a mix of materials commonly used on modern exteriors. Aluminum is durable and low-maintenance, and resists all types of weather. The doors can even be built to withstand hurricane winds.

When you think of modern garage doors, clean lines and contemporary windows often come to mind. The first question to ask is whether or not the house has similar characteristics. If the windows are small and contain grilles and the house has a classic raised panel front door and traditional roofline, a glass garage door may look out of place or overshadow the other details.

Avante with insulated frosted glass panels. Photo credit: @homeonanashvillehill

But if there are large windows of similar shape and size and other metal or stone accents to play off, don't be dissuaded. Use our Door Imagination System to upload a photo and see how a glass door looks.

Four things to consider when choosing a glass garage door:

  • Will the garage door be the only modern element on the exterior or are there other contemporary details it can connect to like broad expanses of glass, decorative plank cladding, a metal railing, or light fixtures?
  • Does the house have clean lines and simple vertical windows?
  • Are there multiple textures or is it just siding and brick? The doors blend well with layered exteriors that mix stone, siding, brick, metal and glass.
  • Does the rest of the house have enough interest to anchor the house visually? A glass garage door will definitely be an architectural focal point.

Anthony Carrino Avante Sleek
Photo Credit: Anthony Carrino

Anthony Carrino Avante Sleek
Avante Sleek, black anodized frame with insulated clear glass. Photo Credit: Anthony Carrino

Designer Anthony Carrino used our Avante Sleek garage door to add a contemporary feel to his rustic garage workshop in upstate New York. The black anodized door frame complements the windows and the dark painted siding and contrasts against the natural stone. Since the house is in a remote location, he was able to maximize natural light with clear insulated glass panels.

A glass garage door is going to add drama, texture and flair. The goal is to have a balanced facade that leads the eye - it's not to create a standalone focal point.

The Avante comes in a number of standard frame colors with different glass options to control light and privacy. Before you commit to a particular shade you see online or in a brochure, order free color samples on our website to confirm the look is exactly what you have in mind.

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