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Give Your Business a Refresh with Color-Matched Finishes for Rolling Doors

Commercial Overhead Doors

Mar 2024

Garage doors are a standout feature of residential homes, but they have an even bigger impact in commercial spaces. For businesses like warehouses, event venues and other properties with multiple garage doors, cohesion is super important. However, achieving this look can be challenging when you have a combination of rolling and sectional doors. Our Omni Powder Coat Finish collection is the easiest way to create a unified look and enhance the overall aesthetic of your business. 

Omni powder coat finishes let you perfectly color match rolling doors with Clopay sectional doors. This means that you won’t have mismatched colors, and all of your commercial doors can share the same look and feel, regardless of their design.

Solvent-free, this line of finishes is environmentally friendly, leaving no trace of VOCs. Finishes come factory-applied, ensuring a seamless, professional look. Designed to provide outstanding protection for steel or aluminum doors, Omni Powder Coat enhances aesthetic appeal and elevates your overall design. 

Omni Powder Coat finishes are available in:

  • Commercial Tan
  • Commercial Gray
  • Charcoal
  • Standard White
  • Chocolate Brown
  • Black


Explore the possibilities of Omni by viewing our commercial door products and options!


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