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Door Busters: How bad is it to not replace a worn bottom weather seal?

Door Maintenance Garage Doors

Feb 2024

It’s kind of bad. A rubber or vinyl weather seal keeps air, water and pests from coming into the garage at the bottom of the door. When it tears or ages it becomes an inconvenience that interferes with the comfort of your garage and puts items you store at risk of exposure to moisture.


Gaps along the bottom weather seal and vinyl side strips are also an open invitation for bugs and rodents to get inside and find a warm location to nest in the garage or access the house.

How do you know if you need a new bottom seal?


You can often see that the seal is warped or misshaped in some places. You may also feel a draft of air coming in when the door is closed and possibly even see daylight peeking through.

Replacement parts can be purchased at a retail home center or by contacting your local garage door dealer

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