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Jump On The Barn Wagon!

Commercial Overhead Doors

Nov 2023

Whether it's for work or play, add a door that offers more.

Big or small, commercial or residential, these days, barns are definitely a thing, and they are not just for utility and storage anymore. The latest trend is to have a "party barn" in your own backyard. And that got Kyle Goldovich to thinking, “Why not blend the best of both worlds?”

As an excavator and landscaper, Kyle’s barn does double duty. Built for work and play, it's complete with a custom Clopay commercial sectional door, not only to securely house his equipment and recreational vehicles, but also to serve as a welcoming, fun, entertainment area for friends and family. 

"The structure was here when I purchased the property four years ago," he explained. "But it was an open space with a gray exterior and an average, run-of-the-mill door. I wanted something more, so I put my idea on paper and collaborated with Clopay to create a custom look that would complement and elevate the barn."

Kyle had a specific color in mind and Clopay was able to bring his vision to life. The barn was painted to match the door and the whole aesthetic transformed. "I was so pleased with how the door turned out,” he said. “Not only does it look terrific, it's easy to operate, durable and dependable."

When it comes to choosing the right door for your barn, think out of the box. Commercial sectional doors can be tailored to fit the function and look of your structure, offering improved performance and reliability both on the job and after hours.

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