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What's the difference between Canyon Ridge 4- and 5-Layer garage doors?

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Apr 2023

If you want the look of a stained wood garage door without the upkeep, our Canyon Ridge composite is a durable faux wood option that fools even the most discerning eye.

Canyon Ridge 4-Layer
Canyon Ridge 4-Layer Carriage House door, Design 13, SQ24 windows in Walnut Ultra-Grain finish

Canyon Ridge 5-Layer
Canyon Ridge 5-Layer Carriage House door, Design 13 REC 13 windows with Mahogany cladding and overlays in the Dark stain finish. Photo courtesy Andy Frame

The doors come in several designs: carriage house, modern, with slatted louvers, and now, in a new Chevron motif.

One of the most frequently asked questions we hear from homeowners considering this door is, “What is the difference between the 4- and 5-Layer models?"


Canyon Ridge 4-LayerCanyon Ridge 5-Layer
ConstructionPolyurethane-insulated three-layer steel base door + overlay Polyurethane-insulated three-layer- steel base door + cladding and overlays
Energy Efficiency18.4 R Value 20.4 R Value
AppearanceVisible steel with Ultra-Grain finish, stained composite overlays No visible steel-fully covered with stained composite
Woodgrain SpeciesClear Cypress Clear Cypress, Pecky Cypress or Mahogany
DesignsCarriage House, Louver, Modern Carriage House, Louver, Chevron
FinishesPaint or stain Paint or stain

Let’s start with similarities. Both doors have a 2” thick polyurethane insulated steel base door with composite overlays adhered to the surface. Both steel and composite are low-maintenance materials.

Canyon Ridge Comparison

Composite is weather-resistant so it won’t rot, warp or crack, and like wood, it can be painted or stained. The doors come in nearly all the same stain colors: Medium, Walnut, and Slate as well as select paint colors.

Canyon Ridge Garage Door Closeup
Close-up Canyon Ridge 4-Layer door in Slate Ultra-Grain finish

You can get the same panel and window combinations on the 4- and 5-Layer models, however, the 4-Layer door has a painted woodgrain finish on the steel base door. Stained composite overlays are adhered to the steel to create the carriage house design. The door has an 18.4 R-value, and is less expensive than the fully clad 5-Layer version.

The 5-Layer door has no visible steel. It is fully clad in composite overlays to look and feel like a real wood door with an authentic woodgrain texture. The cladding is grooved to look like individual wood boards. You can also choose from three woodgrain species: Clear Cypress, Pecky Cypress and Mahogany to create a custom look. Clear Cypress is the only option on the stained 4-Layer carriage house door.

Finally, the 5-Layer door has a 20.4 R-value – the most energy-efficient garage door model we offer in residential.

Both models are extremely popular and provide a beautiful, low-maintenance alternative to natural wood.

Canyon Ridge 5-Layer vs 4-Layer
Canyon Ridge 4-Layer Carriage House door, Design 21, SQ23 windows in Slate Ultra-Grain finish. Photo courtesy Andy Frame

If you are trying to match your garage door to other exterior stain colors, take advantage of our free sample program and order up to three swatches. It’s always helpful to see how it looks in different light throughout the day because that can affect your decision, especially if the door is in full sun or shade most of the time.

Canyon Ridge Color Blast
Canyon Ridge 5-Layer Carriage House door, Design 11, REC13 windows painted Sherwin Williams ”Debonair.” Photo courtesy Laurey Glenn for Southern Living

And if you later decide that you don’t want a stained door, it’s easy to paint the Canyon Ridge a solid color following our manufacturer’s instructions.

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