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2023 Residential Exterior Design Trends: Part 2

Garage Doors

Mar 2023

Here’s the second installment in our three-part series on curb appeal trends that we believe will “rock the block” in 2023. If you missed the first article, read it here.

Trend #2: Color Blocking and Pattern Play

Surveys show that the simple all-white exterior that dominated house plans over the last few years is losing appeal with new home buyers. Moving away from this trend, many are choosing more colorful palettes leaving sellers looking for easy and affordable ways to update their home’s curb appeal.

Canyon Ridge Louver Doors
The black Canyon Ridge® two-car garage door brings balance to the weight of the dark siding on the right side of this modern farmhouse ranch home. Notice how the slat of the Louver design echoes the horizontal lines on the front entry door. Photo courtesy: @kirstie_kayyy

Adding light wood accents, staying within one color family for accent hues, or even color-blocking can immediately add warmth and bring monotones into the new trends we are seeing today.

Caruso Builders
Photo courtesy: Caruso Builders

If you are a fan of dark colors and want a refresh without a complete makeover, add a contrasting element to your exterior versus committing to a completely dark scheme.

If your home is white, add dark colors via a two-tone front door and garage door or bring in texture with medium or light wood-look steel or composite or even custom wood.

Here, the stained accents become a “third neutral”

Farmhouse garage doors
Canyon Ridge (5-Layer) Carriage House garage door with Clear Cypress cladding and overlays in a Medium Stain finish. Photo courtesy: @Jettsetfarmhouse

Wood Garage Doors
Reserve Wood® Custom garage doors in Cedar with a custom stain. Photo by Andy Frame. Builder: @saltercontractors

The Chevron pattern garage door is a standout feature and provides a hint of handcrafted European heritage to this new house. It is one of our most requested custom wood door designs and you’ll be excited to hear the new low-maintenance Canyon Ridge Chevron is now available in four different designs.

Another Canyon Ridge faux wood favorite, our Louver design was a strong supporting player on the Southern Living 2022 Idea House in Oriental, NC. Modeled after plantation style shutters, the horizontal slats add three-dimensional interest and whimsy to a traditional carriage house design. We love how the lines and color of the doors play off the details in the metal seamed roof.

Canyon Ridge Louver
Our ColorBlast®  custom paint program features nearly 1,500 Sherwin Williams ® colors that can be factory-applied to our garage and entry doors.

Avante Garage Doors
Door shown: Avante® AX with black anodized frame and tempered insulated frosted glass windows. Photo courtesy @homeonanashvillehill

This custom home blends dark and light color-blocking and pattern play with the grid pattern on the Avante glass garage doors to complement the grilles in the home’s windows. Frosted glass panels fill the garage with natural light during the day without compromising privacy.

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