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Not Just for the Garage

Garage Doors

Feb 2023

Floor to ceiling windows and doors that blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living and flood spaces with natural light are a priority for homeowners.  Fitted with glass panels, our Avante garage doors are easily customized in many sizes and finishes for use as patio and pool house doors that open up when the weather is nice.

Take a look at this modern Oregon farm house, for instance. The homeowners make ingenious use of multiple Avante garage doors to turn a detached garage into flex space for outdoor entertaining.

Avante on Farmhouse

Using a smaller customized Avante glass door, a poolside roll-up window opens to a kitchen and bar area.

Avante on BarAvante near pool

Vertical track lifts the door straight up the wall instead of overhead for a clean, open look while clear glass admits the natural light the homeowners desire.

In addition to the poolside kitchen/bar, the outbuilding doubles as a spacious gym with an indoor basketball court.

Clopay Avante Garage Door

Clear glass panels on the smaller door let natural light inside. The builder used frosted glass on the large garage door facing the street for privacy.

Clopay Garage Doors

Florida builder Envy Homes also used our Avante doors with obscure glass to maximize the indoor-outdoor living space on the 2022 New American Home (TNAH) in Orlando.

Located on a narrow lot, the home was intentionally designed around indoor-outdoor connection, with all of the primary rooms opening to a central courtyard with a pool to provide an abundance of natural light and easy access for entertaining.

Photo by Andy Frame

An 18’ x 8’ Avante opens up the back of the garage open creating  a way to enter and exit the pool area without having to walk through the house. 

Interior Avante
Photo by Andy Frame

For more creative ideas on how to use our garage doors to optimize your space, take a look at our inspirational Lookbook.

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