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The Statement Door That Makes This Barn Simply Perfect

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Jan 2023

Kelsey and Tyler have been dreaming of building a barn ever since they started construction on their new home on eight and a half acres of land in Indiana.

My SImply Simple land
The farmhouse sits on 8.5 acres in Indiana.

Our social media team fell in love with the modern simplicity of their all white Scandinavian-style house when we discovered it on Instagram. It just so happened to have Clopay Modern Steel garage doors installed.

Kelsey’s account name matches her approach to life: “My Simply Simple.” A growing following of 45,000 people visit her page to catch a glimpse of family life and fresh design ideas through the lens of a magical modern farmhouse setting. Needless to say, we were thrilled when she contacted us to collaborate on her most recent home project, the Simple Barn.

The couple needed more storage space for yard equipment, tools, and Tyler’s woodworking hobby, so they embarked on their “barn raising” using a slightly modified version of their original garage plan to keep it within the framework of the main house design and also to save money.

My Simply SimpleKelsey and Tyler chose an Avante AXU garage door with clear insulated glass and a black polyurethane insulated frame.

My Simply Simple

The result is a scroll-stopper. Here’s what Kelsey had to say about it.

Clopay: What do you like about the garage door?

Kelsey: It’s a beauty, and arguably makes the entire design…we love it! The clear glass door makes such a statement on an otherwise simple structure. Natural light penetrates the entire structure, and I love that we can also see inside from the house.

My husband’s Dad passed suddenly this summer, so we inherited his vintage car much sooner than we ever hoped. We store it in the barn and can look out and think of him daily.

View of Barn with Avante garage door

Clopay: You have a very specific vision for your home. Now that you see the Avante garage door on the barn, do you feel inspired to replace the white steel doors on the main garage or keep them the same?

Kelsey: The white steel doors on our main garage were chosen for several reasons; cost definitely being one of them. Simplicity, however, continues to reign as the top priority in our choices. While other doors could make a statement, we like that the solid garage doors blend in and don’t overshadow the property.

Clopay: Did you consider any other garage door model for your barn besides the Avante, like a carriage house garage door?

Kelsey: We went through countless design iterations for the barn. Ample natural light was always a priority, and many of the original designs we worked on with our architect featured a full wall of windows.

It was just never an affordable option until I stumbled upon the Avante door and realized we could get similar look using a garage door. The Avante is modern, simple, and felt like a full wall of windows that could move. We looked no further after that. It was the perfect solution.

Installing Avante garage door

Inside of Avante garage door

Clopay: Do you have any advice for homeowners shopping for garage door?

Kelsey: Garage doors are incredibly functional and can make such a statement – or not. I think that’s the trick. Figuring out where you want something to stand out versus blend in can be a tricky balance, but when done right, it really makes the entire structure shine.

Avante Garage Door in snow

Clopay: Why did you decide to paint the barn black instead of white like the house?

Kelsey: It’s very uncommon around here to see an old barn that matches the home. They’re almost always wood, often painted red. We never wanted the barn to match our house. We wanted it to be obvious that it is a separate structure while complementing the entire property.

My Simply Simple Barn

Here are details on some of the other eye-catching design elements on the Simple Barn.

Thermory Spruce Cladding – Recommended by the builder, Kelsey says it looks black from a distance yet the natural wood grain is very visible and so gorgeous up close. It mimics the traditional look of shou sugi ban with the added benefits of thermal modification. Thermory is a flame-free process using heat and steam to enhance the wood, making it incredibly rot resistant and durable.

Matte Black Standing Seam Metal Roof – Kelsey and Tyler used the same roof and black gutters that are on the main house. They will hold up and look great for years.

Pellet Stove - Although the barn isn’t for “living” purposes, the couple plans to use it year-round for all kinds of things and want it to be comfortable, regardless of the season. They decided to install a pellet stove so they wouldn’t have to run gas or 220 electricity. Another simple and efficient design choice.

My Simply Simple Barn with Avante

See more photos of Kelsey and Tyler’s Simple Barn on her blog and Instagram.

Photos courtesy: @mysimplysimple


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