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Tips to Keep Your Garage Warm During Winter

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Oct 2022

Can you feel the chill, crisp air making its way in? Winter is definitely coming. And with it comes the biting chill some of us feel stepping into our garages as temperatures drop. But keeping your garage door warm in the winter doesn’t have to be a challenge. Let us help you prepare your garage door for those cold winter days and nights and keep the cold outside where it belongs.

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Have you checked the bottom weather seal?

Bottom seal

The easiest way to trap heat in and keep cold air out is with a weather seal. If you see a gap between the bottom of the garage door and the driveway when the door is closed, it's time to replace the weather seal, also called an astragal.

Is your door insulated?

Interior of garage door

Attached garages typically share common walls with adjacent living spaces, possibly causing those areas to feel a tad chiller than the rest of your home. Upgrading to an energy efficient garage door can help. Insulated garage doors can help keep an unheated garage 10-20 degrees warmer on a chilling winter day.

Does your door open and close smoothly?

Even if your garage door has seen better days, it should still open and close smoothly. You don’t want it to be open any longer than it needs to with a cold wind nipping at your heels. If your door struggles a little more than normal, the spring system could be out of balance.

Visually inspect hardware for wear and tear. Look for bent or loose hinges, broken wheels, bent shafts or worn out bearings on steel rollers and bent or misaligned track. Tighten or replace loose or missing bolts on the door and track supports. The bottom brackets, cables, pulleys and springs are under great tension and should ONLY be repaired by a garage door professional.

If you’re not sure where to find a garage door professional, we have you covered. Visit our dealer locator to find a local Clopay dealer to repair or replace your garage door.

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