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The Perfect Garage Door for a Storybook Studio

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Apr 2022

It almost sounds like something out of a fairytale. A cozy shed found at the end of a winding path, nestled in maple trees at the edge of an orchard. A warm space, full of sunshine, and a twinkling string of lights nearby blowing gently in the breeze. Who wouldn’t want to stop by for a visit?

Fairytale House

But it didn’t start out that way.


This now welcoming outbuilding is actually a ceramics studio in Vermont, owned by Brett and Natasha. “It was an empty shell when we got it, bare stud wall interiors, no insulation, plywood floors and the ugliest metal brown garage door you ever saw,” the couple say. The limited natural light and drafty garage door hindered the creative duo from getting the most out of the space.

Before Avante Door

As artists, Brett and Natasha found inspiration in the beautiful countryside and 10 acres of land they owned surrounding the studio and enjoyed leaving the garage door open when the weather permitted. But with the old metal garage door blocking any sort of view when it was closed, they were unable to appreciate the picturesque scenery the Northeast offers year-round.

The solution was Clopay's Avante AX glass garage door.

Avante AX on Studio

Avante AX Open

By replacing the old metal door with the Avante AX garage door, Brett and Natasha got exactly what they were looking for: a sleek, modern door with a black frame and clear, glass panels that enhanced their view from the studio regardless of the season. The door helped create the ideal work-from-home space.

Avante in winter
A garage door for all seasons.

Exterior Fall

Exterior Night

“It’s completely insane how much our new glass door has transformed our studio space,” they say. “It looks so much sleeker and allows us to enjoy our amazing view and have more light in the studio. Plus, it’s tempered insulated glass, so it’s actually increased the warmth in the studio because our previous flimsy metal door was ultra-thin. This definitely won’t be the last of these we install.

Interior Avante

Such a stylish door also can be a catalyst for all types of home improvement projects. With their new Avante serving as a backdrop, Brett and Natasha spent time improving the area around the studio by adding outdoor seating, decorative stones and a firepit, making it one of their favorite places to spend time.

Studio Exterior Seating

Studio Picnic

"The studio has officially become the dreamiest building on our property thanks to the new garage door. The majority of our days are spent here and we're so lucky to have this space to create," they say.

Clopay's Avante AX comes in a variety of sizes and colors and lends itself to a number of design possibilities other than just a door for the garage. There are also many glass options available for different degrees of privacy and light transmission. View the brochure.

All photos courtesy of Sugarhouse Ceramic Co. To see Brett and Natasha's work, visit