As exterior door experts, Clopay designed an intelligent system of high-performance doors and system components to provide years of low-maintenance dependability, security, energy efficiency and beauty.

Premium Fiberglass Doors

Premium Fiberglass Panel Close-up
  • Elegant panel designs
  • Won't dent, rot, crack or rust
  • Low maintenance
  • Includes (optional) The Finishing Touch™, a durable, long-lasting finish

Polyurethane Foam Core

Foam Insulation
  • Proven effective insulation
  • Impenetrable - secure dense foam
  • Energy efficient

4-1/4" Hinge & Lock Stiles

Trimable Hinge
  • 3-1/2" LSL (laminated strand lumber) plus 3/4" trim-able hinge and lock stile runs entire length of the door for added strength and stability
  • Rigid, resists bowing
  • True square edge, just like a real wood door
Note: Smooth fiberglass and steel doors have a 12" lock block

Composite Top & Bottom Rail

Composite Rail

  • 1" top rail – 1-1/2" bottom rail
  • Rot resistant - helps eliminate water infiltration

Note: Smooth fiberglass and steel doors have a 1" composite bottom rail and wood top rail.

Composite Jambs, Brickmould & Mull Posts

Grained Jamb
  • Rot and damage resistant
  • Helps eliminate air and water infiltration
  • Standard on all fiberglass entry door systems
Steel doors come standard with finger-jointed pine jambs, brickmould and mull.

Durable Doorlite Frames

White Textured Frame

  • Won't expand or contract, warp, sag, shift or twist during extreme temperature changes
  • Resists moisture - seals tight to door

Composite Adjustable Sills

Adjustable Sill
  • Substrate saddle and end cap resists moisture
  • Helps eliminate air and water infiltration
  • Rot resistant - requires little to no maintenance system

Insulated Decorative Glass

Trenton Glass

  • Tempered for safety
  • Triple glazed glass keep home's warmer in winter, cooler in summer


  • Flexible
  • Seals tight
  • Easily replaced


Double Bulb, Four-Fin Sweep

Four-Fin Sweep
  • Helps eliminate air and water infiltration
  • Durable and long-lasting

Corner Seal Pad

Corner Seal Pad

Adds further protection against water infiltration


Sill & Hinge Finishes

Patina, Satin Nickel and Brass.

PatinaSatin NickelBrass