Residential Garage Doors


There are a variety of garage door openers with various features and benefits – sometimes it can be confusing.

Garage Door Openers Differ By:

garage door openers Power Rating:
1/3 for most doors.
1/2 horsepower for larger or heavier doors

Drive Mechanism:
Belt drive is quietest
Chain and screw drives are more durable but may require more maintenance.

Motor Type
AC is most popular
DC motors offer softer starting/stopping

If You Have a Garage Door that…

Is adjacent to a bedroom you may want an operator with quiet operation. Consider a belt drive operator or an operator with a vibration isolation system (VIS) or both.

Is opened frequently, you may want to consider a opener with chain operation.

Gets excessive wear and tear due to sudden starts and stops, consider an opener with soft start and stop features available with DC motors.

Want safety and convenience of automatic lighting, consider an opener that includes a motion detector in the wall button.

Have multiple doors on your garage, you should consider an opener with three-button transmitters to allow separate opening/closing of the doors.

Have an extended height door, be sure to get a rail that fits your door height. Residential rails come in lengths for 7, 8 and 10 ft high doors. Door higher than 10 feet may require a commercial operator.

All Operators Offer as Standard or Optional Features

Keypads (for operation when you don't have your transmitter)
Extra transmitters (for other family members)
Open door monitors (to monitor the garage door from different parts of your house)
Lockout (prevents operation during vacation)
Worklights (to turn on the light without opening the garage door)