SpecWizard® is an online tool that guides you through the process of selecting and configuring a Clopay sectional or rolling steel door. It then assembles the specification in the CSI 3-part format, based on the information you input. Once completed, you can then view, print and/or download the specification.

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Door Specifications

Intellicore Insulated, Thermally Broken, Sectional Doors

Three Layer - Polyurethane - 3 inch

Model 3730; Light Ribbed; 27 Gauge Spec3730.doc Spec3730.rtf Spec3730.pdf

Three Layer - Polyurethane - 2 inch

Model 3722; Flush; 20 Gauge Spec3722.doc Spec3722.rtf Spec3722.pdf
Model 3724; Ribbed; 24 Gauge Spec3724.doc Spec3724.rtf Spec3724.pdf
Model 3720; Light Ribbed; 27 Gauge Spec3720.doc Spec3720.rtf Spec3720.pdf

Three Layer - Polyurethane - 1 3/4 inch

Model 3717; Light Ribbed; 27 Gauge Spec3717.doc Spec3717.rtf Spec3717.pdf
Model 3718; Flush ; 27 Gauge Spec3718.doc Spec3718.rtf Spec3718.pdf

Three Layer - Polyurethane - 1 3/8 inch

Model 3715; Light Ribbed; 27 Gauge Spec3715.doc Spec3715.rtf Spec3715.pdf

Polystyrene Insulated, Thermally Broken Doors, Sectional Doors

Three Layer - Polystyrene - 3 inch

Model 3300; Grooved; 20 Gauge Spec3300.doc Spec3300.rtf Spec3300.pdf

Three Layer - Polystyrene - 2 inch

Model 3220; Grooved; 20 Gauge Spec3220.doc Spec3220.rtf Spec3220.pdf
Model 3200; Grooved; 24 Gauge Spec3200.doc Spec3200.rtf Spec3200.pdf
Model 3213; Raised Panel; 24 Gauge Spec3213.doc Spec3213.rtf Spec3213.pdf

Three Layer - Polystyrene - 1 3/8 inch

Model 3150; Grooved; 27 Gauge Spec3150.doc Spec3150.rtf Spec3150.pdf
Model 3154; Raised Panel; 27 Gauge Spec3154.doc Spec3154.rtf Spec3154.pdf

Polystyrene Insulated, NON-Thermally Broken, Sectional Doors

Two Layer - Polystyrene - 20-Gauge

Model 520S; Ribbed Steel Backed, Spec520S.doc Spec520S.rtf Spec520S.pdf

Two Layer - Polystyrene - 24-Gauge

Model 664V; Raised Panel; Vinyl Backed Spec664V.doc Spec664V.rtf Spec664V.pdf
Model 524S; Ribbed; Steel Backed Spec524S.doc Spec524S.rtf Spec524S.pdf
Model 524V; Ribbed; Vinyl Backed Spec524V.doc Spec524V.rtf Spec524V.pdf

Two Layer - Polystyrene - 25-Gauge

Model 525V; Ribbed; Vinyl Backed Spec525V.doc Spec525V.rtf Spec525V.pdf
Model 525S; Ribbed; Steel Backed Spec525S.doc Spec525S.rtf Spec525S.pdf

Non-Insulated Sectional Steel Doors

One Layer - Non-Insulated - 20-Gauge

Model 520; Ribbed Steel, Spec520.doc Spec520.rtf Spec520.pdf

One Layer - Non-Insulated - 24-Gauge

Model 664; Raised Panel Spec664.doc Spec664.rtf Spec664.pdf
Model 524; Ribbed Spec524.doc Spec524.rtf Spec524.pdf

One Layer - Non-Insulated - 25-Gauge

Model 525; Ribbed Spec525.doc Spec525.rtf Spec525.pdf

Residential Sectional Doors

For all residential specs, click here.



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